Top Tips to Use Google DUO

Google Duo

If you are a pro-Mac or an iPhone user, you will know that FaceTime is the most indispensable tool when it comes to video calling and stuff. However, this is not an Apple-friendly world, so if you are looking for something simple for the video quality with other Apple devices as well, you can rely on the Google Duo. As soon as you begin looking for the best video chat options on the web, you will find it to be on the top of the list. So if you have been looking for some valuable tips on using it, you’ve come to the right spot. Here, we will guide you through some of them:

1. It Can be Used Everywhere

If everyone in your friend’s circle has an iPhone, you can FaceTime as much as you want. In other words, you can enjoy quality time with friends and family while being physically not close to one another. The most intriguing benefit of the Google Duo is, it can be used on non-Apple devices as well such as the android phone and even the web. Today, because almost everyone has a Google account, using the Google DUO, is not difficult at all. Secondly, when you download it from one of the app stores, you will have to adjust it to your device according to the settings. If you want to use the google duo on mac, you’ll have to manipulate the device settings to make it work. As soon as you install it on your phone and complete the update process, you are ready to go with it.

2. Leave a Message

If you have to send an urgent message to someone In the middle of the night, it might not be a healthy practice for them. Most people are repulsed from checking their phones when it keeps on buzzing every few seconds up, especially during the nighttime. You surely wouldn’t want to be the one who causes the frustration. So instead, you can send a message that will be received by them when they’re awake. With Google Duo, you can easily send a voice message, a video, or a written note. All you need to do is, tap the “Message” icon that is in the lower right corner. Furthermore, you also get to send emojis and different stuff to explain your feelings.

3. Group Meetings Are Easier Than Ever

Long story cut short, the group meetings with Google Duo are simpler than ever. For now, you have to log in with your Google account and add everyone who should be a part of the conversation. Google Duo also allows you to get a unique link that can be used by anyone to become a part of your video conversation. Bear in mind, the number of participants that can be added to this conversation is around 12 but Google has promised to stretch it to 32. With the evolution of technology and the internet, we have to see what future unfolds for everyone in terms of the DUO app.

4. Family Time

A new feature that has encapsulated the attention of everyone across the globe is the Family Mode. With this feature, you can add funny robots and animals while communicating with your loved ones. However, there’s another feature that allows you to have fun with different games. You can use the virtual whiteboard to sketch interesting patterns. All you have to do is tap on the “Family” icon and you will be obliged to all of these interesting features. If you have the Google Duo on your Mac or iPhone, you must use it to spend quality time with your family.

5. The Low Light Mod is Interesting

Keep in mind, not everyone in your social circle has a high-tech phone or operates from a well-lit studio. However, there is an interesting feature that adds a unique twist to the video calls. The low light mode enables you to get the best video quality from your phone. While the app will do its best to compensate for the lighting deficiencies, you can tap on the sun icon from the Screen menu. This way, people on the other side of the call will easily see a brightened version of your video. This will not only enhance the overall quality of your call but will also eradicate any chances of distortion due to poor video. Therefore, now is the best time to invest in this amazing app for top-notch video quality.

6. More Fun Time With Friends and Best Buddies

Today, more people are connecting over video calls than ever. Especially in the times of COVID 19, video calling is a suitable method for everyone to get along. Luckily, Google Duo enables you to add around 12 people at a time. This means you can easily reunite with your college buddies over video calls and enjoy quality time with them. Furthermore, if you have plans for reviving old school or college memories, this app will breathe life into your goals. In contrast, if you try to initiate such a meeting on the web, it wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, Google Duo is a good method to stay safe at home and interact with everyone across the globe.

7. The Filters

There’s no running away from the fact that everyone is obsessed with using filters these days. Today, every video messenger has built-in filters and effects to excite the audience. Therefore, Google Duo is no different in this regard. All you need to do is, quickly tap on the screen to choose from a plethora of filters. Every year, the app changes and upgrades the filters in coherence with the changing trends. This means, if you want to test everyone’s sarcasm while the conversation is going on, you can make use of the different filters available on the app. No wonder, the funny filters can easily plant a smile on everyone’s faces while they are interacting with one another on the app.


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