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Advertising your small business can mean the difference between success and failure in the long term. With the right advertising techniques, you can maintain your customer base while constantly adding new customers and making your business more profitable.

Direct Mailing

One traditional method of advertising is through direct mail. Direct mail is a process of reaching out to every address in a specific area with your advertising materials. This method can help you reach a much broader audience and help you get your company name into homes near your business.

Most people at least look through all the mail that goes to their home, and many of them read every piece. That means that your direct marketing materials will be seen by thousands of eyes if you send them through direct mail. According to Kodak, direct mail has a 9% response rate, compared to other forms of outreach, making it a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

Outdoor Advertising

In addition to your direct mail campaign, you may also want to invest in some outdoor advertising. Billboards are a great way to bring attention to your business, and a well-designed billboard can bring in new customers all year long. You can also advertise through local public transit with large advertisements on public transit vehicles and bus stops. This can expand your reach and improve your business overall

Another option is advertising through the company vehicles you and your employees drive. Your business can wrap all kinds of vehicles in custom decals that represent your business. These traveling billboards advertise your company wherever your car may go.

Online Advertising

Beyond advertising with more traditional and outdoor methods, online advertising is becoming more and more important to successful businesses. Work on creating an online advertising campaign with many elements to reach the largest possible audience. Email campaigns, advertisements in search engines, and social media campaigns can all help your business be more successful.

By posting regularly on social media, hosting contests, and polling followers, you can build your fan base and create a name and reputation for yourself in the professional world. Make sure to create a social media campaign that matches the tone you want for your company.

The more facets you address with your advertising campaign the more people you will reach and the more business you will create. By using a variety of marketing techniques, you can reach a large audience of people in their homes, on the road, and using their phone.

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