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We’ve all attended those Christmas parties at the end of the year, cloistered in a conference room. Or maybe you look forward to the company-sponsored fun run or summer party each year. Company parties are a part of business for most every industry. Not only do they foster better culture and bonding on all department levels, but having a fun outlet like this can help boost employee morale.

Many corporate party hosts think parties for adults are easier to plan. There aren’t as many games and entertainment to plan for as with family parties, which usually require accommodations for kids of all ages. Including a chance for your employees’ families to mingle can be good for morale, but it also offers an opportunity for networking and creating connections. Luckily, you do not need experience hosting events for families or children to plan a family-oriented corporate party. All you need to do is keep the following three tricks in mind.

Pick Venues Designed for Families

Amusement and theme parks and family fun centers are typically the best places to hold a corporate party when kids are on the guest list. These places have been specially designed to offer attractions that appeal to the entire family. They are also set up to handle safety and security concerns that involve kids. They usually have on-site security cameras to help adults find young children that wander off, and some even have trained emergency and medical staff available to handle accidents and injuries. Some holiday party venues will even help decorate for specific events like these as well.

Offer General and Age-Specific Play Zones and Games 

Most family-oriented venues are already designed to provide these options. If you decide to host a party for employees and their families somewhere else, make certain that you prepare entertainment areas where everyone can have fun. If your budget permits, consider hiring a traveling carnival or circus. To save money for your corporate party, consider setting up separate picnic tables instead that feature groups of age-appropriate crafts and games and then another zone where kids of all ages and adults can play together. If your company has an outdoor playground for young children or you plan to set up a temporary one, consider arranging a separate entertainment and social area for teens. 

Have Foods Fit for Kids, Teens and Adults

Help everyone feel included during a corporate party by making certain you cater the event with different types of age-appropriate foods. For example, set up a buffet area that only features foods that young children can eat and enjoy, such as finger foods, easy to chew foods, and a wide variety of snacks. To make each area special and stand out, decorate the buffet tables and surrounding spaces with colors and images that are appealing to each age group.

Although there are many tricks for catering to kids of all ages at a corporate party, the above tricks help make any family-oriented party less of a hassle. Try one or all of them today.

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Brooke Chaplan

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