While there are various national delivery services, like USPS, FedEx, and UPS, people often need packages delivered to nearby locations faster than these services can provide. Small businesses have the option to start their own delivery service, either to serve their company or serve other small business entities. While this is a great business opportunity, there are associated costs that you must consider. Upfront costs to think about before starting a delivery service include app infrastructure, vehicle fleet, and insurance. 

App Infrastructure 

As a delivery service provider, you need to have a way of communicating with the seller and the customer. This is best done through an app. Providing an app that tracks a shipment will provide organization, peace of mind, and insurance for the goods you are transporting. You must create a client, management, and courier portal for involved parties to track and store necessary information. Many delivery services use a third party app to fulfill this need. Whether you develop your own or customize a third party’s app, there are costs associated with each. 

Vehicle Fleet 

Establishing a brand is critical to the success of your business. Acquiring a fleet of vehicles to deliver packages helps you establish your brand. It is also essential to fulfilling your business’s objective. While purchasing vehicles to help in delivery service, you can write them off as a business expense. Vehicle wraps ensure that you maintain consistent branding across your fleet. You can also write off vehicle wraps for business expense purposes. You must also consider maintenance costs associated with purchasing a fleet. 


One of the major startup costs for a delivery business is insurance. A delivery business will need to invest in commercial auto insurance. You may also want insurance for the packages being delivered. Failure to obtain proper insurance coverage will put you at risk for reimbursing any customers whose packages are damaged en route. No matter what kind of quality assurance you put in place, mistakes happen, and package replacement can be expensive. Protect your drivers, your vehicles, and your business by investing in vehicle and package delivery insurance. 

Upfront costs for starting any business are expensive. Having supportive investors or bank loans will help you get started sooner. Take time to acquire the necessary funds to properly start your business. Doing so will ensure better success with your startup.

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