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Pinterest can be a fantastic tool for driving traffic to your website and for attracting potential clients or customers. If you have a business where you put out hints and tips, blog posts, articles, pictures, decorations, crafts, or almost anything informational, you can use Pinterest to benefit your business.

So, how can you use Pinterest to attract more clients to your business?

The idea with Pinterest is to pin your content, arranged nicely into boards that other people can follow. You’ll want to make sure the content is easily pinnable and that you provide an image with a great description on it that makes it super pin-worthy.  

Create a variety of boards that are of interest to your ideal audience. You can mix and match content to get people to pin your content, and that will drive traffic back to your website.  

Boards can be reorganized and reordered depending on seasons, holidays, and time of year. That way you can put more focus on particular items at each point in time. For instance, if you’re an accountant, you can focus on tax planning towards the end of the calendar year, but focus on filing taxes in the first quarter of the year. You can also create boards with links to information that is useful for your clients.  

The more pins you keep adding, the better the results will be overall. Pinterest isn’t a static entity, but rather a constantly evolving one. Thus, to drive traffic, you need to continuously add new content and new pins to keep gaining new followers.  

Note that in the last year, some of the measures for metrics have changed, and Pinterest counts followers differently. It doesn’t count people who are only following one board into your follower total, so the numbers may be skewed.  

To determine where clicks are coming from, you can set up Google Analytics and use Pinterest Analytics to determine which boards, themes, and pins are the most popular to get clicks over to your website.  

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