Want to Learn Lifelong? Select a Career in Education!

"Want to Learn Lifelong? Select a Career in Education!" Hummingbird

Many people generally have the idea of learning as formal education in a school and a university or college. Since we were young, we are told that we need to have a good education.

Well, here is the truth. It is a fact that we all need a formal education. This is because education makes us a decorated person, in terms of maximizing our potential to find satisfying jobs, attract employers, earn more, and become really successful in our chosen path or career.

However, formal education or “schooling” is only one kind of learning. There are other opportunities that you can grab in order to further develop your skills and increase your knowledge that you might need in your life. After all, skills and knowledge can be learned and developed anywhere. It is unavoidable and it always happens all the time.

What is lifelong learning?

Lifelong learning is the self-motivated, voluntary, or ongoing type of learning or pursuit of knowledge for either professional or personal reasons. In short, it is the type of learning where you choose to learn and acquire knowledge because you want to or because it is needed.

In most business and companies, lifelong learning is asked for or required every now and then from employees in order to “not be outdated” in their current work. Since change is inevitable even in the working area, you as an individual need to learn and increase the knowledge you already have.

Some companies decide to send some of their employers to seminars and innovative training that can help them improve their workforce efficiency. Others even send their most eligible employees to international schools to obtain another degree.

Lifelong learning can further improve our understanding of our own world and everything around us. It gives us better opportunities and enhances our quality of life.

While lifelong learning can be found in every career, some do not even realize it is happening or capitalize on its benefits and ended up being in monotonous day to day activities. A career in education, however, guarantees the presence of lifelong learning. After all, as teachers teach, they continue to learn and gain information in order to give more knowledge to their students.

Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Education

Now, as a student, some of us might really hate being in the classroom, listening to our monotonous teacher read aloud from a confusing and boring textbook. So, when told to pursue a career in education, many would say, “Why?” Here’s why!

1. The Enjoyment

Look, I know some of you did not enjoy Philosophy class or History class or any other classes because it can be boring. Especially when it is around 1 o’clock in the afternoon and you are falling asleep in your seat. But let me ask you this: if your teacher back then was not all monotonous talk in front and added some fun activities and games that relate to the subject, won’t it catch your attention?

As the teacher, it is up to you to be the first one to enjoy your class. Love teaching others and it will come back to you. This can give a sense of enjoyment in even the most boring of subjects. Even though teaching is a continuous repeating process every day, you can always enjoy and learn every small thing in it every day if you have the innovation and a positive mindset.

2. The Sharing

As I have told you earlier, if you want to experience lifelong learning, education is the field for you. Its presence will continue to manifest in this career. Why? You get to share your earned knowledge and in turn, some of your students (especially in this advancing era) get to share with you the newest and most recent knowledge. The world as we know continues to create new knowledge and information. What better source can you have than your students who also love to share ideas and engage in subject discussions?

3. The Continuous Learning

As a teacher, you continue to search for fresher and new knowledge to share with your students. You can’t be the teacher who relies solely on an old textbook when the Internet is loaded with day to day news and is always updated on current knowledge. You will have the intention and motivation to learn and earn more knowledge outside the borders of your finished degree. Teachers get to dig deeper into certain topics and eventually learn something new along the way. In turn, you become more wise and confident when standing in front of your students.

4. To Make a Difference

Most people who choose a career in education were lucky enough to come across a teacher that gave a great impact on their life. And now, they choose to pay it forward and create the same difference they have experienced themselves. Teachers inspire, encourage, and impact the lives of their students. A career in education can be a very rewarding experience that gives one a sense of purpose in life.

5. The Flexibility

Who doesn’t love flexible schedule hours? The type where you can choose your own hours or not have the same schedule for the next school year or semester? How about fixed or flexible summer vacations or holidays? While many companies offer only one day off per week, a career in education has that flexibility. Although it may vary in different schools and institutions, such flexibility is guaranteed. Especially if you choose to be a private tutor, you will enjoy the benefit of convenient scheduling.

Bottom Line

A career in education can be challenging. However, when you learn to love this career, you only see the benefits and goals. Being a teacher and choosing a career in education is your free pass to lifelong learning. Not only that, it also gives you the opportunity to influence and make a difference in other people’s lives.


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