Want To Sell Property Fast? Do These 5 Things

Selling a home is one of the biggest decisions that anyone has to make. However, it is not as easy of having your property listed and waiting for potential buyers to tour your home and decide to buy it eventually. Check out the following five things you’ll need according to a real estate attorney that has worked with many homebuyers and sellers.

Do Your ARV Right and Get Listed 

To sell your home fast, know the after repair value (ARV), which estimates the future value of your home once repaired. Take note that it is no your home’s current value when purchased, but it’s its current value when the repairs and improvements are done. This type of technique is done by fix and flip real estate investors that buy and renovate the property before selling it within a year. 

In order to calculate it correctly, determine the AS IS value of your home before estimating the cost of repairs and renovations value. Then, you need to check the numbers before you compare them to other for sale or sold similar properties. By doing these things, you can determine the profits you’ll get from the project.  You should then get your property listed. For help, find a real estate broker, as discussed in the next section.

Get a Real Estate Broker 

Once you’ve figured out the ARV correctly, the next thing you’ll need is to look for and work with a real estate broker. When talking to and comparing brokers, find out how long had they been in the business and their marketing plan. It must be a detailed description of how they’re going to put your property on the market. Next, determine their availability – part time or full time. You are better off with someone working full time because they’re generally more flexible in showing your home to potential buyers. Another important consideration is to work with an area expert, who knows typical offerings and selling prices in the area.

Hire a Good Lawyer 

Selling the property fast would be impossible without an experienced real estate lawyer. Note that everything must be legally fine to speed up the process of selling. They specialize, apply their legal skills to property-related matters and can help in transactions and disputes if there would be any. They also prepare and review documents (mortgage, purchase, title, and transfer) and sometimes also handle the closings when an entity or individual buys a home from another entity or person. In short, one is equipped with the knowledge to provide you with legal guidance related to the sale of your home. 

A good lawyer will also ensure that the transfer is legal and binding to your best interest.  And in the event of the dispute due to lot line problems or chain of title surfaced, he will resolve the problem.  In the courtroom setting, he might provide you with legal representation and obtain information from both dispute sides to come up with a legal and suitable resolution to work for the parties involved. 

Estate Planning Matters Too

In addition to the essential steps for selling your property quickly, it’s also wise to consider estate planning as a crucial aspect of your financial strategy. While this may not directly relate to the immediate sale of your home, it plays a vital role in securing your assets and ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones in the future. Estate planning involves creating a will, establishing trusts, and designating beneficiaries for your assets.

By addressing these matters proactively, you not only provide peace of mind for yourself but also facilitate an efficient and legally sound transfer of your estate when the time comes. Consulting with a qualified estate planning attorney can help you navigate this process and safeguard your financial legacy, making it a valuable addition to your overall real estate journey.

Monitor the Real Estate Market 

Another best way to sell your home fast is to monitor and analyze the real estate market in your area. According to Trulia, the best ways to monitor the real estate market is to call an agent, check out the newspaper, go online, talk to an appraiser and talk to the county assessor officer.   

You must monitor the market fast and efficiently in order to sell your home fast and get maximum value out of it.

Stage Your Home

Now, you’ve reached the step on how to sell your home fast – stage it!  To start with, consider boosting its curb appeal.  You have probably heard of this tip many times, but it rings true in many cases. You cannot lure onlookers inside to tour your home for sale if it has a poor curb appeal.  Thus, make sure that your home is staged and ready for the market! 

At the very least,  start improving its exteriors by hanging easy to read house number,  power washing the walkways and the sidings, planting greenery and flowers,  washing the front windows, mowing the lawn and repainting the porch floor if necessary.  Simply stated, make your home appealing by ensuring it is sparkling clean from the outside going inside. Clean up the entire house and clear the clutter. Sorry, but everything unsightly must go. You should also clean the closets and cupboards. 

Want to sell your home fast?  Follow these five important tips!   

  1. Do your ARV right and have your home listed.
  2. Get a real estate broker.
  3. Hire a good real estate attorney.
  4. Monitor the real estate market.
  5. Stage your home.

There you have a short guide to help you sell your home fast. Make sure to have these things ready for the best results. Work with the experts, including a good real estate broker and a lawyer. Compute the ARV correctly and improve your property’s curb appeal. Good luck and a happy selling!


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