What Are the Different Types of Home Loans?

What Are the Different Types of Home Loans? 1

The labyrinth can be unnerving, especially when it’s about making a crucial decision regarding your future. Like, deciding on which home loan to secure for your dream house. The choices are vast, and the terminologies can feel like trying to read another language. Understanding the types of home loans available and their elements is crucial to this entire process. It will give you a shot at making an informed decision and save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

However, the reassurance is that you’re not alone. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people will ever make, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the finance options. Thriving in this labyrinth requires patience, time, and an appetite for absorbing new information. With the right guide, you will be able to chart a path that leads to your dream home.

The Homeownership Journey: An Australian Perspective

The journey to homeownership is an integral part of the Australian dream. Australians are certainly no strangers to homeownership. In fact, findings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicated that approximately 66% of Australians owned their homes in 2020. Investing in a home not only serves as a personal achievement but also contributes to the nation’s economic stability as it injects money into the economy through building and renovation works.

However, the dream of homeownership in Australia can also spark a sense of dread for many, especially when faced with the array of mortgage products on offer. Understanding the types of home loans can make navigating this journey smoother, empowering you to make the best financial decisions for your circumstances.

Penetrating The Jargon: Different Types of Home Loans Explained

Home loans are packaged differently, using a host of terminologies that may seem thoroughly confusing. Generally, home loans can be sorted into some broad categories– owner-occupier loans, investment loans, and refinancing loans. Further, the terms of the loans come designed as either principal and interest or interest-only repayments. There are also different types of interest rates – variable, fixed, or split loans. In other instances, you would be offered either a secured or unsecured loan.

Understanding what each type of home loan means is as vital as making the actual decision. An owner-occupier loan is lent for the purchase of a home to live in, while an investment loan is lent for the purchase of an investment property. When you decide on a principal and interest loan, you’ll be required to simultaneously pay off the loan amount (principal) plus the interest charges over the life of the loan. Conversely, interest-only loans only require the payment of interest charges for a specific period.

Traditional Lenders: Major Banks and Their Offers

In Australia, traditional lenders, often considered ‘the big four,’ consist of Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ and NAB. These banks hold a significant share of the home loan market, mainly due to the extensive range of financial products they offer and their longstanding existence. They typically provide almost every type of home loans available, from basic home loans, standard variable rates, fixed rates, or package home loans.

While the reputation and reliability of these major banks might be appealing, they have their shortcomings, too. Generally, interest rates from these institutions are less competitive than those of smaller credit unions and online lenders. Plus, their application process could be more cumbersome and gradually lengthy than non-traditional lenders.

Non-Traditional Lenders: Comparing Credit Unions and Online Lenders

Besides the traditional banking institutions, credit unions, and online lenders also provide home loans. This increased competition presents an opportunity to compare a wide range of products, which can ultimately work to your advantage. Typically, these non-traditional lenders aim to gain competitive edges by offering home loans with potentially lower interest rates, minimal fees, and more individualized service.

However, the downside could be less convenience as they usually don’t have as many branches as the traditional lenders. Plus, their lending criteria might be more rigid, and their product range might not be as extensive. Choosing between a traditional or non-traditional lender typically rests on what fits your individual financial situation and personal preferences.

Types of Interest Rates: Fixed, Variable and Split

Interest rates are a significant determinant of the total cost of your home loan. In Australia, three main types of interest rates apply: fixed, variable, and split. A fixed interest rate stays constant for a specified period within your loan term, giving you the certainty of knowing your monthly repayment amount. A variable rate changes depending on economic factors and decisions made by your lender.

A split rate loan, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy the advantage of both worlds. It’s characterized by a portion of your loan attracting a fixed rate, while the rest is on a variable rate. Selecting the appropriate rate type will depend on your risk tolerance, financial situation, and market-related speculation.

Selecting the Right Loan: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right home loan often boils down to personal factors like your salary, expenditures, and future goals. Plus, weighing the loan’s interest rates, the terms of the loan, and the flexibility in repayments. It would help if you also considered additional features a loan might offer, like redraw facilities and offset accounts that could save you money.

Government Assistance: First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and Others

The Australian government, to support its citizens, offers several initiatives to aid prospective homebuyers. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, for example, assists eligible first home buyers in purchasing a home with only a minimum 5% deposit. There’s also the First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme, which allows you to save money for your home within your super fund.

Navigating the Home Loan Armor: Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisers

Just like a tour guide in a maze, mortgage brokers and financial advisors can help steer the ship of your home loan decision-making process. They can save you many hours of research, provide professional advice, and even negotiate better interest rates on your behalf from their wide network of lenders. Still, remember, it’s invariably crucial to conduct your due diligence in selecting these professionals.


The culmination of gathering and making sense of the information regarding home loans is finally deciding on one. From the outset, it can appear complex, but with the right information and assistance, you can make your homeownership dream come true. Seek to deepen your understanding by doing a little more research, asking plenty of questions, and weighing your options against your personal circumstances.


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