What Can I Do to Lower My Business’s Energy Bill?

Light Bulb - Energy Bill

Business owners often spend their time attempting to create a budget that includes all of their expenses, from office supplies to putting fuel in the company car. However, there is one thing they usually have trouble predicting. The consumption of power has eluded even the savviest of budgeters. Energy Star, one of the country’s leading EPA programs, recently stated that companies across the country spend over $60 billion a year on energy alone. The following list entails some of the ways you can begin lowering your business’ energy bill.

Be Smart With What You Use

Offices usually use energy during peak time every day, which usually consists of the hours of operation. Therefore, this is the timeframe where it is most important to be proactive. One of the best and most simple ways to be smart with your electricity is to shut off unnecessary lights. Unnecessary lights included decorative lamps that serve no functional purpose and lights at an unoccupied desk or in an unused office. In the end, if you can see perfectly fine, you don’t need additional lights.

Commercial Rate Reduction

There are many ways to reduce your energy costs, but commercial rate reduction is one of the most common. Often, the high cost of a company’s energy bill isn’t the amount of usage, but the type of energy plan they have. It is vital that you review your current policy, as there are many incentives for commercial businesses. In addition, the mistake of paying for the wrong energy plan can bring a considerable difference in price because companies and residential properties pay different rates due to their average kWh.

Energy Audits

Having your company’s energy use audited can provide you with a clear baseline of how much you are consuming per month. Plenty of energy companies all across the country offer these services either for a small fee or free. The audit will tell you how much you are using per month and how you’re losing energy. Your high energy costs may not even be the result of usage, but caused by faulty windows and or not enough insulation.

Saving your company thousands of dollars per year begins with determining the amount of energy your business is consuming. Although there is no escape from having to use energy, there are ways to lower the cost. Simply adhere to the tips listed above, and you’ll no doubt begin to take the right step toward a lower energy bill.

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