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If you want to start a seo company or join one, the main goal is to have your clients rank high for certain things on Google. But it can feel like a daunting task – what do you have to do in order to consistently hit those marks time and time again? Research plays a big part.. but there are other things that can also contribute.

Don’t panic – this post is here to help you achieve that. Here are things that successful SEO companies do to ensure the best results?

Make Sure That They Publish Relevant Content

This may seem obvious, but it can be hard to lose the big picture when it comes to what to publish. The temptation to try to branch out might be strong… and sometimes it might also feel like a certain niche might be too narrow, which might make picking blog or article topics very difficult.

Constantly Update Their Content

While there is something to be said for having evergreen entries that new people can find all the time, it always pays to have fresh things up too. This will make the site feel alive and people who know that there is a regular update schedule will likely be back more often than not.

Use Metadata Correctly

Your company needs to stay on top of this to make sure that the information in the metadata is correct. If it goes out of date, then that can possibly hurt your rankings. Here’s an area that it really pays to be diligent with.

Have a Site That Others Want to Link To

The goal is to become an authority in the area that you want to rank high in. That means creating authoritative pieces that other places want to link to. In turn, that will drive traffic to your site.

Properly Use Alt Tags

This is for media and photos – having good alt tags can also help drive people to the sites since the search engines will pick them up. There are people who use text-only browsers and this can be a big boon for the sites.

These are only a few ways that SEO companies can get their clients to rank high in Google searches. It’s all about being diligent and seeing what works and what doesn’t and then adjusting on the fly. Then they can enjoy consistent success.