What exactly is EDDM, and is it suitable for your marketing needs?

December 5, 2022
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Every business, large or small, wants something to promote: a new product, an upcoming event, or perhaps changes to its services. Traditionally, marketing campaigns have relied upon methods like television commercials, print ads in newspapers and magazines, or online advertising targeting specific demographics. 

But what if your target audience is too large for any of those traditional methods to be efficient? That’s where EDDM comes in. For “every direct door mail,” EDDM is a cost-effective way to reach many potential customers with your marketing message. But is it right for your business? Let’s take a closer look.

What is EDDM, and how does it work?

EDDM is a type of direct mail marketing that allows businesses to send advertising materials to homes and businesses in specific areas. Unlike traditional direct mail marketing, which typically targets specific individuals or groups through mailing lists, EDDM relies on extensive postal routes for delivery. It means you can target entire neighborhoods, towns, or regions with your marketing materials and get your message directly into the hands of potential customers at an affordable cost.

Is EDDM right for your business?

That depends on several factors, including your target audience, the cost of EDDM campaign, and how effective it is in reaching your goals. For example, if you want to reach many potential customers cost-effectively, EDDM may be the right choice. However, if your target audience is very niche or specific, there may be better methods for reaching them than EDDM. It’s also important to consider the cost of implementing an EDDM campaign – this can vary depending on some factors, such as printing marketing materials, mailing costs, etc.

Ultimately, whether or not EDDM is right for your business depends on many factors. If you want to reach a vast audience cost-effectively, then EDDM may be an ideal solution. However, an alternative marketing method may be more appropriate if you are targeting a specific demographic or niche. So do your research, consider your target audience and marketing goals, and then make the right decision.

What are the pros and cons of using EDDM for marketing purposes?

There are many pros and cons to using EDDM for marketing purposes. On the plus side, EDDM is a cost-effective way to reach many potential customers, making it an ideal solution for businesses with limited marketing budgets. EDDM allows you to target your audience precisely by sending your marketing materials directly to their homes.

However, there are also some cons to consider. For one, EDDM may not be the best choice for businesses targeting a very niche or specific audience, as it may be less effective at reaching these groups than alternative marketing methods. Additionally, EDDM campaigns can be complicated and require careful planning to be successful. If you are considering using EDDM for your marketing efforts, it is essential to research and carefully plan and execute your campaign to achieve the best results.

How can you use EDDM for your business or organization’s marketing efforts?

You can take several steps to get started with using EDDM for marketing purposes. One of the most important is to do your research and identify your target audience, including their demographics, geographic location, and any other factors that may be relevant. It will help you determine whether or not EDDM is the right choice for your marketing efforts, as well as which postal routes or delivery areas you should target with your materials.

Consider investing in high-quality printed materials, such as brochures, flyers, or other marketing collateral that can be mailed using EDDM. It will help ensure that your marketing message is communicated to potential customers and clients and can help boost your EDDM campaign’s overall effectiveness.

Finally, you must partner with an experienced and reputable marketing agency or consultant who can help you develop a targeted marketing strategy for your EDDM campaign. It will ensure that you can reach your target audience effectively and achieve the results that you are looking for. With the proper planning and preparation, you can successfully launch an EDDM marketing campaign that helps grow your business or organization.

How much does it cost to send an EDDM mailing campaign?

The cost of an EDDM mailing campaign can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and quantity of marketing materials, the printing, and mailing costs involved, and your geographic location. You can spend at least several hundred dollars for a primary EDDM campaign. However, this cost may be higher if you target more complex or extensive postal routes or have particular marketing goals.


Overall, EDDM is a cost-effective and targeted marketing method for businesses and organizations. While it has pros and cons, EDDM may be the right choice for you if you want to reach a large audience efficiently and cost-effectively. However, it is essential to do your research, carefully plan your campaign, and partner with a reputable marketing agency or consultant to get started with using EDDM for your marketing efforts.


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