What Factors to Consider When Hiring a Remote Employee

Business Conference with Remote Employee

It’s smart to consider certain factors when searching for the right remote employee. Because they are working from a distance, these employees should be able to perform with limited supervision. Examine these personality traits in a remote employee to help you find the best fit for your company.


What Factors to Consider When Hiring a Remote Employee 1

If you can’t trust someone, you’ll never feel completely secure with them working for you. Do your research and find information about potential candidates through an Internet search. Get a background check if necessary. Ask former employers about past job performance. Contact people they know from sources listed on their resume for valuable insight and to get to know them better before you make a hiring decision.


Looking at the social media profiles of potential employees can allow you to get a sense of how ambitious they are. You can check the number of followers and types of friends they have on sites like LinkedIn to gain a better understanding of their Internet presence. A past achievement, such as volunteer work, can be a good indicator that they’re honest, hardworking, and possess strong moral and ethical qualities.


What Factors to Consider When Hiring a Remote Employee 2

Good communication is necessary to understand a job and get it done correctly. Test the communication skills of candidates by speaking to them by phone, Skype, or another relevant platform. Pay attention to the way they talk so that you know you’ll understand them later on. Their ability to communicate with you in a meaningful way is essential to performing well in a remote role. theEMPLOYEEapp explains that communicating with a deskless worker can be challenging — making internal communications essential to completing work efficiently. As you go through the interview process, ask yourself do they express themselves clearly, concisely, and to the point? You may ask the candidate questions to be sure that they understand the job role and anything else of relevance.

Organizational Skills

What Factors to Consider When Hiring a Remote Employee 3

A person who knows how to organize is probably a clear thinker. Take a look at a candidate’s resume for good organization, design, and format. Does it appear professional and clean? Is the information organized in a clear way? Do they have skills or experience that indicate organization was a major part of any previous employment? The HR Digest explains that organizational skills are important for daily tasks as well as more long-term projects.


Someone who’s independent will be able to carry out tasks and deliver results with minimal guidance, which is especially pertinent when you’re hiring for a remote position. You’ll also have the freedom to be more productive in other areas instead of micromanaging an employee. Scan a candidate’s resume and social media profiles for job experience in leadership roles, such as managing a business, being their own boss, or holding a position as an officer in a college honor society. Being experienced in their field can indicate an ability to work independently. Internships and volunteer work are two roles to look for on a top resume.

What Factors to Consider When Hiring a Remote Employee 4

These are some of the top factors to keep in mind when you’re hiring a remote employee. The best employee will be a natural fit for the company with the right personality and skills for the job.


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