My musesAfter coming across a group on Linked In, by the same title, I decided to write a post about what inspires me.  There are so many people and situations that serve as inspiration that it’s hard to list them all.

What Inspires Me

  1. Hard work, and results inspire me.  I like seeing hard work pay off.  Whether it was completing my MBA, or seeing my younger daughter sell over 3000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies this year, I think it’s incredibly inspiring.
  2. My Children inspire me.  Right now, my oldest daughter is really amazing me.  She is working on her Girl Scout Gold Award, and almost has the project done.  She is 15, and has to plan the garden, and deal with contractors, and people who don’t show up when they’re supposed to.  She’s learned the fine art of nagging someone to do something (politely) to get the job done.  I’m in awe.
  3. People who fight for what is right inspire me.  There are so many heroes in my community and around the world, that are helping people overcome their life situation.  The people who fight for human rights, and make a stand inspire me.

What inspires you?