What is Leadership?

What is Leadership?

Leadership is not management.  You can manage without leading, and you can lead without being a manager.  There are plenty of instances out there (Frequently brought up in Scott Adams’ Dilbert Cartoon) that involve management with absolutely no leadership skills or ability.

Most people are familiar with the almost comical side-effects of some of Dilbert’s Boss’s actions.  I doubt anyone would call the management in that company leaders.  They are more of an example of what NOT to do.

Leadership is about influencing others to do things, and get things done.  It is what happens when everyone in the room looks at you and asks what to do. Leadership is stepping into the void, and helping others find the way, usually in an uncertain environment.  Leadership is about helping find answers where none are given, and none are easy.

Leadership is about the ability to see a need, and make sure that it is taken care of.  Leadership is influencing others to make sure that the need is fulfilled.  One example of this could be finding out that a charity you work for has a particular need.  That need could be something simple like landscaping- and hooking the charity up with people who are looking for volunteer work to do.  Then get the landscaping done.  An even better example of leadership is to turn those volunteers into long-time volunteers for the organization.

In this blog, we’ll talk about leadership in general, time management, and coping with stresses. We’ll talk about priorities and balance as well, since that is just as important.

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