One thing that constantly amazes me about women, and being a woman, is our capacity to judge one another.  If I think back on how many times I’ve ever actually thought about what a male colleague was wearing at work, it would be very close to zero.  If I look at myself in the mirror and admit how often I’ve noticed what another women is wearing, how her hair looks, or any other factor, it would definitely not be zero.  Or even close.  Do you ever do that?  Stop yourself and wonder “What is she wearing?”, “Why is she wearing that to work?”, or even “I’d die before I wore that outfit with those shoes”?   How often do you stop and think about what a male is wearing to work?

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why is the question about “What is she wearing?” so important?  I think that it is rooted in who we are, and that we as humans really do tend to judge one another.  Often we are quite harsh with one another.  Why should it matter exactly what someone is wearing, as long as it’s appropriate to the situation?

Can we make a pact to stop ourselves when we start to judge someone else’s clothing, outfit, make-up, or hair style?  The next time you think, “gee, that doesn’t look good on her”, make a conscious effort to stop, and think about what you’re saying in your mind.  I’ve started doing it, and catch myself thinking thoughts when I shouldn’t.  I’ve found that it makes me more sensitive to the subject, and more aware of my thoughts and actions.

Can we stop, and think about what we’re thinking?  Stop judging at least one small aspect about one another?  Be aware of what impacts your thoughts are having.