There are many aspects of a business and workplace that impact the success and efficiency of the business. Everything from office layout, to morale, even to the type of tasks assigned to different employees, can make or break the efficiency and success of a business. The key to managing this and keeping productivity high is effective leadership. But many workplace leaders and managers are horribly ineffective at their job and make getting work done harder rather than easier. Here are a few skills that make an effective leader in the workplace that you can cultivate to become the best leader for your business.

Knowing How to Communicate

The first skill that makes an effective leader in the workplace is someone who knows how to communicate effectively. Communication skills are paramount for workplace leaders, as their main job is keeping employees on track, supported, and giving them the knowledge and information they need to do their job most effectively. You should learn how to communicate expectations and needs clearly to your employees without being overbearing or rude. You should also learn how to engage with employees in such a way that they feel comfortable coming to you with questions, comments, and updates on their work.

Coaching Skills

Another great skill set that makes an effective leader in the workplace is having great coaching skills. As a leader in the workplace, another part of your job is to help your employees grow and improve overtime, much like a coach. Coaching can help your employees feel more valued for the work they do. When you have specific compliments, comments, questions, and criticisms of your employees’ work it shows that you care about what they do. It also shows that you care about their long-term success and that they gain skills necessary for success.


The final skill that makes a great and effective workplace leader is a vast well of patience. While you may feel that patience is a trait rather than a skill, we disagree, as it is something that you can and should practice. Understand that your employees are simply people too, and that having patience extends care and understanding to your employees. At the end of the day, a little bit of patience from leadership can keep the business on an even keel and keep emotions and stress at bay for employees.

Running a workplace is a difficult endeavor that not everyone is well suited for. The right workplace leadership needs to have the proper skills and traits. Work on these three skills if you want to improve your workplace leadership abilities.

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