What NOT to put on your Resume- 3 Simple Tips

What NOT to put on your Resume- 3 Simple Tips

There are plenty of guides out there of what to put on your resume.  In fact, I’ve written an article or two myself.  But what about what NOT to put on your resume?  Yes.  There are certain things that you can put on your resume, that will ensure that I don’t look any further.  I find myself screening thousands of resumes each year in search of college interns in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Management Information Systems.  I also look at other technology related majors.  Occasionally, the contents of the resumes are eyebrow-raising.  More rarely, I get a serious laugh out of the resume’s contents, but not in a good way.

What NOT to put on your Resume – 3 Simple Tips

  • Lies, in any form.  Do not lie about languages you speak, technical skills you possess, or schools you have attended.  If you state on your resume that you are nearly fluent in Spanish, I reserve the right to interview you in Spanish.  If any part of your resume is found to be false, then I assume that it is all false.
  • Unrelated Hobbies.  Cooking, Painting, and other unrelated hobbies should be left off of the resume,  unless you’re applying for a position in those fields,  or are an award winning chef.
  • Your Age, Health, Marital Status, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, or the Condition of Your Teeth.  Yes, I HAVE seen all of those on Resumes.  Due to reasons of discrimination, please do not list that information on your resume.  Some things, I would rather not know.
Resume Writing Tips

What not to put on your Resume is as important as what shows up on it

What NOT to put on your resume is infinitely more simple than what to put on your resume.  I get that cultural norms are different in every country, and that this advice may not apply to other countries than the USA.  I encourage you to follow these simple guidelines if you are in the USA, and if you’re applying to me for a job.

Please be aware that anything, and everything that you put on your Resume is subject to cross examination in minute detail.  If you list a project or award that you have done, be ready to answer lots of questions about it.

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