Catching up on SleepI ran across this article on Madame Noire about what successful people do and don’t do on their weekends, and it made me think about my own time management, and what I do and don’t spend time doing.

What Successful People Don’t Do On Their Weekends | MadameNoire 

I find that I feel the most productive in my life when I’m able to compartmentalize.  What I mean by that is- when I’m at work, I am at work.  I focus on getting my work done.  I may set aside certain times to make phone calls that have to be done during the day, but largely try to turn off the rest of my life.  Conversely, when I’m at home, I focus on getting the stuff done that needs to be done at home.   I think that the article had a lot of other good points about what successful do on weekends- namely, getting downtime, planning ahead, and analyzing finances.  It doesn’t mean sleeping all weekend long, because that just isn’t productive.  I’d say it’s rather about getting enough sleep to be the most productive.

What do you think?  How do you spend your weekends?