What to Consider When Planning a Corporate Event

So, you’ve been put in charge of your company’s next event. Maybe you want to do a good job in order to climb the ranks. Or maybe you simply pride yourself in the execution of a good, productive event. Regardless, here are some things to consider right out of the gate.

The Budget

This one is the foundation for everything else. Don’t even think about trying to go over your budget; no matter how awesome, there is no corporate event worth spending your own money on. Or even worse, spending too much of the company money, maybe resulting in discipline. You’re going to want to map out the absolute necessities first and work your way up to what you would like to have. Ask yourself if there are any materials (tables, chairs, projectors, screens, signs, etc.) that you could use for free from the company’s pre-existing assets. After that, start looking for options to purchase. While disposable items can be cheapest, keep in mind that reusable items could be stored and used for future events.


This one is going to vary a lot depending on the size, prestige, location, and tone of the event. If your event is an outdoor pizza party with the four employees for your local window washing service, you’ll probably be enough to fend off any teenagers who smelled the pizza and came to steal it. However – an important corporate announcement from company HQ to your entire office department of fifty workers? You might want to invest a little more. You also want to take basic health and safety practices into account, especially depending on whether you’re outside or inside. At an outside party in the office parking lot, traffic barriers make sure attendees are safe from vehicles on the road.

Balance the Fun and the Business

Every event should have at least a few enjoyable elements that exist outside of standard work practice. Even the most official, formal event should at least have refreshments. You need to figure out just how much of this event is for business purposes versus for employee bonding (aka just having fun). Make sure that nobody gets carried away or does anything inappropriate. Even just a birthday party on commercial property should be carefully monitored.

Corporate events should be a break in monotony. Maybe the purpose is employee training, or some other more business-oriented event… or maybe it’s just team building. No matter what it is, if you give it the attention it deserves, with a proper budget and taking care of the health and safety – you’re bound to make an event everyone will remember.

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