As your business grows, you will need to change how it operates. These changes are referred to as scale. As you scale your business to meet its growth, the needs of your company will change. Here are three things that your business will need in order to scale.


With growth often comes the demand for more money than you can provide on your own. When your business was small, its operating systems were manageable with just you or a few employees. As your company grows, its needs grow exponentially. You will need to create more complicated operating systems, hire more people, and put a lot more money into the company in order to keep up with the growth. This is why you need extra capital from investors. There are many investors across the country looking for lucrative businesses to get in on. Look for accredited, small business investors that specialize in your specific industry. As you narrow down your list of investors you would like to approach, find a way to get an in. This could be an introduction from someone they trust, or a little bit of networking on your part.

Legal Expertise

When expanding your business, it is crucial to get legal help. There are far too many ways to end up in legal trouble when it comes to running a business to do it without the expertise of an attorney. Your attorney can help you select and register your business in the appropriate business entity, such as LLC, partnership, or corporation. They can help you secure the intellectual property of your business. A knowledgeable attorney can also help you review and create any necessary contracts before signing. Additionally, an attorney will help you know the laws so that you can avoid a lawsuit or assist you in court if you do get sued. For this reason, it is important to find an attorney that can represent you in court if necessary. Businesses need attorneys who can argue at trial, and not just a paperwork expert.

Revamp Your Business Model

The business model you began with won’t be able to keep up with your growing company. It is important to rework your design with the new growth in mind. Update your business strategy, your operating system, your financial plan, and your organizational structure.

Don’t get caught with growth that you can’t manage. As your business grows, it becomes imperative to scale in response. You can manage that growth much more successfully if you find investors, obtain legal help, and update your business model.

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