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The holidays can be an exciting time for businesses. There is an energy that often accompanies holidays that tends to be infectious, breathing new life into otherwise humdrum day-to-day activities. Of course, the holidays also have a way of changing consumer habits. You’ll need to keep such changes in mind and account for them as the holidays approach.

Your Marketing Approach

With your business more likely to offer deals and discounts during the holidays, your marketing approach may require some adjustment to accommodate your offers. You can’t count on word of mouth or people just walking into your business to disseminate information about what deals you’re offering. You need to use your marketing campaigns to get the word out. This can be a great opportunity for a well-designed email marketing campaign. Many of those you’d be sending emails to are previous customers. If they had a good experience with your business before, they may be more inclined to purchase from you again.

Holiday Sales

Over the years, consumers have learned to expect holiday deals and sales from businesses. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the perfect example. If it’s not on sale during that time, it’s often passed over in favor of another product or service. This often equates to higher sales volume and shipping needs. Make sure your business is prepared for the increase in business transactions. Not preparing for busy holiday shipping periods can degrade your business reputation. Plan ahead and organize yourself to effectively meet the increased demand.

Managing Your Staff

Customers aren’t the only people whose habits change around the holidays. Your staff will likely have holidays planned for themselves. You can expect to see a higher volume of requests for time off during and around the holidays. This can make holiday staffing difficult, especially if your sales volume has picked up. You’ll need to find effective strategies for handling time off requests that balances the needs of your business with the needs of your employees. Make sure that you clearly communicate how you choose to approach time off to your employees so they know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

Managing your business around the holidays will likely require some adjustments to be made compared to normal operations throughout the rest of the year. You may need to adjust your marketing approach and prepare for special holiday sales and shipping needs. You’ll also need to take steps to manage the staffing in your business. Keeping these things in mind can help you set your business up for holiday season success.

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