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As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside, many businesses have been struggling with the question of when to reopen. Although many businesses are choosing to return back to their normal mode of operations, a hot debate still rages on whether or not doing so is safe. Every business will have to make their own decision as to what will be best for them. As you make this decision for your business, consider the three points below.


Necessity is the first thing you should consider when deciding when to reopen your business. Many businesses can get by with employees continuing to work from home. You shouldn’t be in a rush for them to come back if they can reasonably complete their work from home. If you have implemented a sustainable pattern of operating your business, you should continue in that same course of action until you are absolutely sure that reopening your business would not cause more harm to any of your employees or customers. Balance necessity as well as safety as you reopen your business.

Local Restrictions and Risks

Another item you should consider when making your decision is the local and state restrictions in your area. In most cases, these will be determined by the number of COVID-19 cases in the area. Your business should follow careful reopening strategies designed to keep employees and clients safe. Your city and state might have already prescribed protocols for reopening businesses. Make yourself aware of these protocols before taking action to ensure that you are legally in compliance with all regulations.

Personal Circumstances

Your decision of when to reopen will ultimately be determined by your own personal circumstances. The risk of reopening will vary depending on your industry and the nature of the goods or services you provide. You might consider gradually reopening your business while requiring certain precautions to enforce safety during the first few weeks you’re open. You should be prepared for the probability of many unexpected scenarios. Prepare yourself for the possibility of another shutdown, and make sure that any steps you take to reopen your business are easily reversible.


Reopening your business will present new opportunities and challenges. Get ready to navigate these and plan to respond quickly to unexpected needs. As you make this decision for your business, consider the factors of necessity, local risks and regulations, and your own personal circumstances. And above all, stay safe!

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