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The top three IT firms this month are Fair Issac Corp., Enphase Energy Inc., and Arrow Electronics Inc.

With outstanding third-quarter sales records in a struggling electronics industry, semiconductor distributor Arrow Electronics has become a top bargain as a result of its stock’s recent decline. Enphase, a manufacturer of solar equipment, is reporting surging earnings and sales as the market for alternative energy products continues to grow. Additionally, FIC0, a firm that provides credit scores, is growing after posting quarterly results that are above forecasts.

As technology equities, represented by the Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK), have lost more than a fifth of their value in the past year compared to the 15% decline of the Russell 1000, these businesses are dominating their category.

Here are the top five tech stocks with the best value and the quickest growth out of 15 different categories. The information in the tables below and the market performance figures above are current as of November 22, 2022.

Best Tech Stocks for Value

Value investing is a factor-based investment technique that entails selecting stocks that you think are undervalued compared to their inherent value, often by evaluating the stock’s price in relation to one or more key company measures. Price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is a recognized measure of value. Worth investors think that a company is undervalued in relation to its inherent value (in this example, as determined by its P/E ratio). 

However, when the price reverts to reflecting the value of the firm, its stock price may increase more quickly than those of competitors. The tech equities with the lowest 12-month trailing P/E ratio are those listed below.

Electronics firm Arrow Inc. Arrow offers clients enterprise computing goods and services, including electronic components, distribution, and solutions. Over 220,000 consumers globally are served by Arrow, which has roughly 21,000 employees worldwide. Early in November, the business announced a third-quarter record third-quarter net income up 18% year-over-year and revenue up 9% to $9.3 billion. A carrier board system called JetCarrier96, which has uses in autonomous machines, intelligent vision, and diagnostic medical imaging, was recently introduced by the business.

HP Inc.: HP provides workstations, retail point-of-sale systems, displays, printers, hardware, and support in addition to desktop and notebook computers, printers, and hardware. Individual consumers, companies, and governments are among HP’s clients. The business has 27,000 patents and works in 170 nations worldwide. On November 22, HP declared a dividend of $0.2625 per common share, which was due on January 4.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.: This company provides a wide variety of goods and services in the cloud, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI), software, and storage sectors. Globally, the business serves 55,000 clients, and its edge networking links 10 million devices.

Avnet Inc.: Avnet offers distribution, design assistance, and supply chain and logistics services for electronic components. It employs 15,300 people and ships 283 billion items yearly.

Inc. Dell Technologies: Hardware, software, peripherals, data center infrastructure, and cloud technologies are all sold by Dell to both individuals and companies. About 32,000 salespeople and 35,000 services and support personnel worked at Dell as of January 2022. According to a recent report from Dell, the third quarter’s declining revenue caused a 93% decline in net income from continuing operations. A $1 billion court settlement expenditure affected the results.

Highest-Rising Technology Stocks

These are the top tech stocks according to a growth model that weighs a company’s most recent quarterly year-over-year (YOY) earnings-per-share (EPS) growth and year-over-year (YOY) percentage sales growth equally. Sales and profits are equally important for a company’s success.

Due to this, evaluating businesses that are based on just one growth indicator leaves a ranking open to accounting irregularities of the quarter (such as changes in the tax legislation or restructuring charges), which might render one or both figures unrepresentative of the whole firm. Companies were removed as outliers if their quarterly EPS or sales growth exceeded 2,50%.

Energy Enphase Inc. Enphase creates, manufactures, and distributes solar energy technology, including microinverters, tools and software for tracking energy production, and items for battery storage. On more than 2.7 million houses in more than 145 countries, Enphase has installed more than 52 million microinverters. Customers in the U.S. and Europe increased their migration away from fossil fuels, resulting in a seven-fold increase in the company’s third-quarter net profits on record quarterly sales.

NCR Corp.: NCR is a point-of-sale transactions firm that offers services to restaurants, retail outlets, and self-directed banking customers. The firm has 38,000 employees. In the third quarter, NCR reported increased revenue and a five-fold rise in net income attributable to the company from ongoing operations, driven by expansion in its payments and network businesses. PC systems, consumer electronics, storage, networking, and servers are just a few of the IT goods and services that are distributed by TD Synnex Corp. The firm has 22,000 employees. On September 27, the business said that thanks to its merger with Tech Data a year earlier, third-quarter net income rose by 57% while revenue nearly quadrupled.

Monolithic Power Systems Inc.: Monolithic offers services for process and system integration as well as semiconductor-based electronics solutions. More than 2,700 people work at the firm. In a report published in late October, the business said that growth in all of its end markets helped the third quarter’s sales surge 81% while also increasing net income.

Inc. Arista Networks: Customers in data centers, campuses, and routes may use cloud network services from Arista. Over 50 million cloud networking ports have been distributed worldwide.


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