Why Different Content Should Be Created For Individual Social Media Platforms

Why is it important to create different content tailored to each social network? Simply, because they are different. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, are different social networks and therefore need content optimized and adapted to each platform. Would you like to log on to each social network and see the same thing over and over again? That would be so boring and repetitive. According to studies, when a follower is present in several social networks and observes different and adapted content, he is more receptive.

Types of content on each social network

Within content marketing, you have to analyze what kind of audience there is in each social network and know what they are looking for from it. Most businesses use social media to make themselves known, position their brand, or maintain contact with their customers. Let us look at the kind of content for each social network.


It is one of the preferred networks worldwide and also one of the most consolidated. Instagram stands out for being one of the most visual platforms, so you need quality, careful and original content in the form of photographs and videos. An elaborate visual content is capable of driving any strategy.

  • Post attention-grabbing images and add interesting titles with emoticons.
  • Create videos with direct messages to generate immediate engagement.
  • Dating is popular on Instagram. You can look for those that convey the philosophy of the company. Canva is a good tool that will provide you with innovative and dynamic designs.
  • Create content for stories. Although they only last 24 hours, they have become consuming content.
  • Use reels and IGTV videos because they can be longer than stories.


Facebook is another of the most popular networks and companies choose it a lot to generate customers and web traffic. Images create an interesting effect and convey to the audience a general idea of your brand. You can post various offers, business topics and even communicate with your audience. The videos are the ones that get a greater reach, as well as a greater response from the audience. You can publish tutorials, interviews, storytelling and everything you think can arouse interest.

Blog Post

One type of content that is very well received is blog posts. You will need to accompany them with a good image and description to attract the user and click. Live streaming: live broadcasts allow you to create a bridge of communication with your audience and also stays recorded in your content.


Twitter allows you to write messages in a very fast way, since the text of a publication can not exceed 280 characters. It is mostly used to share news and stories.

  • Add images to posts to make the post more engaging.
  • Combine links for your blog and add eye-catching headlines that intrigue your audience.
  • Create surveys for the audience to tell you what type of content they want your brand to publish.
  • Gifs are a new proposition that is having a lot of success on Instagram and are easy to share.

The key to Twitter is to give 280 characters of information that captures the interest in the user and clicks on the link.

Tik Tok

It is one of the most recent social networks that is becoming popular. It is in full growth and companies are starting to go on it because it is not overcrowded with advertising. It is a social network aimed above all at a young audience, so its content has to be entertaining, dynamic and fresh. Tik Tok allows you to record, edit, share videos and offers the possibility to add music, sound effects and visuals. Here originality is the key. The more dynamic, the more likely it is to succeed.


It is also a very interesting social network for companies and is also one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It is ideal for those companies whose marketing strategy is based on video marketing. YouTube allows you to publish video content with quality. You can also take advantage of the descriptions to include calls to action and the URLs of your website or corporate blog. It is a platform on which tutorials, guides and blogs are very successful. Another content idea is the video-podcasts that can be uploaded on this platform.


Pinterest, like Instagram, is a very visual social network in which images are the protagonists. It is a social network that has more than 450 million active users per month and most are women. This platform allows you to create and manage pin boards (images). Images are the main content, but the ones that generate the most engagement are infographics. Infographics are graphs with information that are made in a simple and dynamic way. You can create infographics on topics related to your brand or company.

Becoming a Content Creator

As you have seen, each social network is completely different and the same content can be optimized and adapted to each platform to achieve more engagement. If you want to be a social media content creator, you should know these things.


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