Why I Watch a TED Talk Every Day


~by Natalia Levey~



Icy waters of Norway

I have taken a trip to Bali and learned how to build houses from bamboo; I swam along in the icy waters of Norway and created a business marketing strategy that would allow me to become the leader in my industry. Who ever thought about how beautiful a song of lifetime inmates could be? Never have I been more exposed to such a wide range of human emotions: I cried and laughed; was deeply humbled and inspired.

Every single video or TED TALK carries so much power with it. Did you know that the emotions you experience while watching a movie or reading a book are just as real as if you were there in person? That’s why we feel so strongly for our beloved heroes in movies and novels.

When I first discovered TED talks, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Have you ever gone on Pinterest and gotten lost for 3 hours? Every new TED video I watched, took me deeper into the caves of the most unrelated subjects and left me hungry for more. I became the female version of Walter Mitty – every day ready to take on a new adventure. TED has me hooked. I haven’t met a video I didn’t care for. Every day a new random talk email arrives in my inbox, and I feel like a kid at Christmas – what will today’s gift be?

The day I made the decision to call Balboa Press to sign a self-publishing contract for my upcoming book {Title to be announced}, a video, “Chip Kidd: The art of first impressions — in design and life”, made an unexpected but fascinating appearance. I learned the thought process behind book cover design. Isn’t that a pleasant coincidence? Or is it the Universe confirming that I am on the right path?

TED is a non-profit organization founded over 30 years ago. With it’s over 3 million YouTube channel subscribers, over a billion views, and global events, TED is one of the most influential players on the information market.  “Ideas worth spreading” – to become a TED speaker is a coveted dream of so many entrepreneurs and experts in their respective fields. It is the recognition of one’s message being deemed worthy of worldwide exposure. Each TED presenter is an expert in their subject, their presentations as different as the people who gather to watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve.

Like many of us, every day I’m faced with many choices on what to devote my attention to. The female brain has the capacity of creating web-like connections between the most unlikely subjects. I’ve been able to use the data presented by the planet’s most brilliant minds to finally be okay with my inner introvert, and come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be a stand up comedian or an art expert. The information derived from each talk has taken its place in my brain, and is either applied immediately to my daily business practices, or gets stored as an interesting subject of future conversation.

My daily choice is to continue enriching my life, to wake up every morning and be excited about my 15-minute adventures. Is it a trip to Mars next?

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Meet the Author: Natalia Levey

Natalia Levey

Natalia Levey

Natalia Levey is a professional chef and certified health & nutrition coach. She is dedicated to educating and guiding professional women to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition and better energy, thus leaving them feeling confident and successful in every area of life. Natalia is the founder of www.healthy-intent.com, a website that helps people to make intentionally healthy choices. She is also an editor of an online magazine – Healthy Intent {seasonal healthy inspirations}.

Natalia has received her culinary training at the Art Institute of New York city and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

Natalia lives in Florida, and loves getting creative in the kitchen for her family and friends. She’s an avid gym goer, world traveler and organizer.

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