Why Yes, My Life Is a Three-Ring Circus

Upside - Down LauraI really, truthfully could not make up the amount of chaos going on in my life right now if I tried.  Honestly, I’m not sure I could even explain everything that’s happened in the last couple of weeks, much less couple of months, and have you believe any of it.  If you’ve ever been a working parent, you’ve probably had those times in your life.  Do you ever wonder how in the heck you’re supposed to get everything done that needs to be done, while juggling four kids, activities, and everything else.  Do you ever wonder if you’re successfully screwing up your children’s lives forever?  Compromising their futures by all of the stuff that simply has to happen, and is going on- and maybe 5% can be controlled?

Experimenting in the Kitchen

Here is Proof My Life is a Three-Ring Circus

  • Leading Three Girl Scout Troops
  • Leading a Cub Scout Den
  • Four Kids
  • I was caring for my parents until they passed away.  Now I’m working through their estates, creditors, etc.  It takes time.
  • Starting two brand new companies from scratch.  One is a Franchise, one is an original business.
  • Keeping my other real-estate business going.
  • Dealing with the scars from my melanoma surgery last year, but also multiple rounds of subsequent biopsies, and continuous follow ups.

Any questions?  Really, I couldn’t make up the insanity if I tried.  Really, I need to dig up some more insanity.  So, I am… Let me tell you about the charity that we’re working towards starting.  We are starting a charity which will help people who make too much to qualify for medicaid, but not enough to actually pay for care.  It turns out that there are a number of people whose family may not be able to provide adequate care, or who don’t have anyone in their lives, who really need this kind of help, because they fall in a sort of hole.  People who need long term care who have minimal income actually are better taken care of, because they qualify for medicaid.  But, if you are just above that threshold, you’re out of luck.  In this area, there are very few places to go.  And it can be impossible to get in-home care either.  That’s where we will come in- with grants to help those people out.

It’s about giving back, because we have been so blessed.  It’s about making giving back a key component of our businesses from day 1.  Because giving back to the community is important.  And well, life is a three-ring circus, but it’s a fun one!




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