Why You Need a CPA to Help Run Your Business

Let’s face it: when most people start up a small business they’re not taking into account the finances and taxes that they’re going to have to track. Usually, you’re thinking about your great small business idea and feeling passionate about your journey. Taxes and finances might not exactly be part of your repertoire. For this reason, it can be helpful to hire a CPA to help run your business. 

Help Manage Your Books

A CPA can help manage your books for your small business. This means that they’ll manage a lot of the accounting and budgeting bookkeeping that you’ll need to have sorted out. This is a very important part of starting a business since your finances and budgeting will be critical, especially in the first few years. A CPA will help you to track and manage your overhead and fixed expenses. They can then help you to make smart decisions to know how to save more on your expenses and help your business to become more profitable. This can also include other bookkeeping such as loan expenses, bank accounts, payable accounts, invoices, and more.

Keep the IRS Off Your Back

When tax season comes around, you’ll be especially grateful for the CPA that you’ve hired to help you. A CPA will help keep the IRS off your back for tax errors that you’ve made. A CPA can help you avoid costly missteps when structuring your business. They can help you to file your taxes correctly by filling out tax returns and paperwork, preparing tax documents, and creating a tax strategy to minimize your tax liability and taxable income. This means that hiring a CPA can help you to pay even fewer taxes than you expected since they’ll know what write-offs and deductibles you’ll be eligible for. 

Make Smart Loan Decisions

Finally, if you’re in a position where you’re going to need to take out a loan to help your business to grow and flourish, a CPA can be very helpful in knowing how to proceed. You don’t want to apply for a loan that ultimately has rates that you can’t afford. A CPA can help you to figure out what type of loan will fit your current financial situation best while still helping fulfill your long-term business goals. They can also help you to figure out how to budget to afford your loan payments each month while still remaining profitable. 


So, if you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by your small business finances and are looking for some help, remember that a CPA can help you in many different ways. They can help manage your books, keep the IRA off your back, and help you to make smart loan decisions. When you hire a CPA to help your business, you’ll find yourself feeling much more secure financially.

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