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~by Rachelle Wilber~

It is a very exciting time to be a woman interested in the technology industries. From gaming to apps and all points in between, it has never been easier for women to enter the tech world.

Here are four examples of how women are breaking down the barriers and finding their way into the tech industry.

Gaming 4 Ways Women are Breaking into the Technology Field 1

Long seen as a boys club, women are increasingly active in the gaming field. Kim Kardashian’s game, Hollywood, was a massive success, while the popular game Cities: Skyline was developed by Colossal Order studios, whose CEO is Mariina Hallikainen. Women also make up the largest percentage of gamers. With this in mind, major studios are desperate to find women capable of making the next massively popular games as the gaming industry blossoms into diverse maturity.

4 Ways Women are Breaking into the Technology Field 2Software

Women have always had a strong presence in software development. The first computer language used by IBM was created by Jean E. Sammet, a female scientist. These days, the trendy way to a quick fortune is by designing a hot new app. A 2013 article by Fast Company illustrates 8 women with trendy apps. The iTunes store has made it easier than ever to find the tools necessary to create a viable app, and many women have utilized this with deftness and grace.

Tech Initiatives

Intel is leading a major push to get more women into the technology fields. Intel is currently funding scholarships to get more women and minorities into the tech fields, and opportunities will result. With so many companies needing competent tech employees, some women are finding that earning a Master’s degree in Computer Science online provides almost instant improvement in career prospects. Many companies offer funding for their employees to go to college as well. Between the need for qualified IT professionals and major corporations like Intel actively funding women’s education in tech, this is a good time for ladies to consider getting a degree in computer science.

Cultural Changes4 Ways Women are Breaking into the Technology Field 3

Culture is changing, and technology is helping to facilitate that. Remote access work spaces allow qualified people to work from home. This sort of convenience is usually reserved for highly qualified individuals, but that’s precisely what a tech professional is. Even Harvard offers remote work opportunities.

In this new era, tech opportunities are everywhere. With vetted coding skill, women are finding their way into the exciting and rewarding careers of tech.

4 Ways Women are Breaking into the Technology Field 4

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