How Women Can Leverage the Relationships They Build

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When it comes to building relationships, it seems that women do it better than anyone else. Most women know what to say to start and maintain a friendship or even a casual acquaintance relationship. Unfortunately, many women stop exactly at this point.

They don’t go farther with the relationships in their life. They don’t know how to capitalize on the relationships in their life, and they end up missing vital opportunities because of this.

How Women Can Leverage the Relationships They Build 1When it comes to women and relationships, the best thing that they can do is to leverage their relationships and turn them into opportunities for themselves as well as the other person involved. The problem starts to arise when women look at leveraging friendships as selfish and “fake.”

When two people become friends, the best outcome is the success for each. When one woman leverages her relationship with another individual, they both end up getting ahead, sometimes substantially so. The mutually supportive relationship can lead to more money for all parties involved, better job offers, and even networking opportunities that can lead to unstoppable outcomes. Women can leverage the relationship when desire and yearning for mutual success are involved. Partners succeed when they are open to opportunities that could help all the parties concerned.

How Women Can Leverage the Relationships They Build 2Another issue that comes up with women and leveraging relationships is that most women don’t know how to go about this process smoothly and efficiently. The reality is that leveraging friendships is very easy, but one must stay attuned and open-minded to opportunities that present themselves.

When your intention is to help others’ succeed, then the partners could create opportunities or be open to opportunities that would benefit both parties. When women connect with the right partners, magical events start to show themselves, and the results are fantastic.

Meet the Author: Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh is an award-winning business relationship expert and speaker. Divya delivers high-energy presentations using her science-based, 9-step growth process that moves leaders to take the right actions for their success. Leaders in business who believe that success is achieved by building and nurturing relationships partner with Divya to create a thriving business that is joyful and easy to run.

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