Work-Life Balance- Practical Advice For Busy Women

Work Life Balance
April 23, 2022
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Achieving a work-life balance is perhaps the most daunting task for professionals, but the challenge gets even tougher for busy women. Your struggle never seems to end, as you try to switch roles between a professional, homemaker, and mommy. Whether you work from home or commute to the office every day, life can become like an endless roller-coaster that never slows down.

It is easy to lose grip on domestic duties and childcare if you focus a little more on your career. Conversely, work suffers if personal life takes a front seat. Your work-life balance can quickly go haywire with one wrong move. Thankfully, there are ways to maintain equilibrium between personal and professional lives. Let us share some practical advice from women who manage things successfully on both fronts.

Set priorities

Having your priorities in order is the key to managing things seamlessly as a working woman. Start by figuring out your personal and professional responsibilities at different levels. Decide which parts are completely non-negotiable and the ones you can compromise. Likewise, you may divide tasks into ones that require perfection or only a bare minimum approach. List the most-important commitments at home and work. Once you have clarity about these factors, it is easy to prioritize and make adjustments. You can even feel free to skip some tasks that do not matter a lot. This way, you will have fewer things on your plate, and managing them gets easier.

Stop comparing

Besides starting with priority setting, you must commit to avoiding comparing yourself with others. Seeing others doing better with work-life balance only increases your anxiety. Everyone has their own way of managing things, so take it easy and set yourself as your benchmark. Pick the pace and process that works for you rather than follow someone else. They may have their fair share of struggles behind the facade of perfection. So be kind to yourself, stop comparing, and find your own strategy to manage your stuff. You will find the perfect formula sooner or later.

Learn the art of delegation

No one can do everything alone, so you need not worry about acknowledging the need for support. Even a little help can go a long way in easing your workload and ensuring the completion of tasks. Trying to play a superwoman only causes fatigue and elevates the risk of burnout. The best way to breeze through is by learning the art of delegation at home and work. You can start by preparing the lists of things to do yourself and delegate to others. Look for help from your spouse, family members, and coworkers. Dividing workload makes life easy for everyone, provided you do it wisely. Besides practicing delegation, be there to help others.

Master the skill of self-care

Women tend to overlook self-care amid their daily duties at work and home. But mastering the skill of self-care takes you a long way toward maintaining a better work-life balance. It doubles up your energy levels and reduces stress, making it easy to handle things physically and mentally. Start by cleansing your diet and following a regular workout routine, no matter how tight your schedules are. Meditation keeps you a step ahead of mental well-being. You can rely on CBD as an effective self-care aid that relieves pain, reduces stress, and facilitates better sleep. Check the buymellow menu to find products for these purposes. Being kind to yourself has endless benefits, including making you more confident and productive. Imbibe this skill, and make self-care a part of daily life.

Limit distractions

Every minute is crucial for a working woman who needs to handle countless responsibilities on domestic and professional fronts. The last thing you want is distractions and time-wasters eating up a good part of the day. Unfortunately, distractions like casual internet surfing, smartphones, and chatty coworkers can waste hours. You may see them as harmless activities, but they can disrupt your work-life balance significantly. Keeping such distractions at bay is easy. You only need to be more conscious about setting specific time limits. You need to stay off leisure activities completely but choose wisely. For example, spending quality time with your partner and kids is better than scrolling social media aimlessly.

Seek flexibility

Moms work the best with flexible schedules. Discuss the option with your employer and seek the flexibility of working remotely a few times every week. The pandemic has been a silver lining for professionals as most employers are less apprehensive about letting people work from home. If you can show the capability to give your best while working flexibly, your employer will be more than happy to let you do your thing. The best part is that you can manage both, home and work efficiently without much effort. You may even consider taking up a remote working role full-time for the long term.

Draw a line

If you wish to manage your personal and professional life successfully, set your boundaries in the first place. Women who fail to draw a line end up missing out on both sides of work-life balance. Setting priorities gives you a good start, but you must create schedules and stick with them. Do not bring work home, rather reserve the time for your kids and partner. Avoid taking calls from coworkers and answering emails on the weekends. Be extra careful on vacations because bringing work along can spoil the fun. At the same time, ensure that personal relationships do not disrupt your job responsibilities. Saying no will not affect your personal life, provided you can give valid reasons to your loved ones.

Work-life balance for women is not as challenging as you imagine. A little creativity and resourcefulness are enough to excel on both fronts. Embrace these simple measures, and you can shine in the roles of a career woman, homemaker, and mom. The best part is that everything about these tips is that you can pick them effortlessly. Remember to invest in self-care because you deserve it as much as anyone else!


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We invite many people who can invest in our Akiba Ya umoja community benefit savings and investment group of Uganda to enable us expand our operations in Uganda

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