Working at Home: How to Become a More Productive Remote Employee

Working at Home Remote Employee

Being a remote employee doesn’t mean that you can’t be as productive as any regular office employee in your company. In fact, you might just be more productive if you know how to play your cards right.

Although there are plenty of distractions for you to worry about, as long as you develop a system of working remotely that works for you, you should be fine. However, if you’re new to this, it certainly can be challenging.

Whether you’re a veteran or new to working remotely, here are some tips on how you can become a more productive remote employee.

Plan Out Your Schedule

First thing first, you should inject some discipline into your routine. That way, you are able to plan out what are your tasks for the day, as well as how you can accomplish all of them.

When you’re planning out your schedule, you will be more productive if you schedule a short burst of working rather than spreading out the work over a traditional nine-to-five period.

Remember not to overpack your day with work if you’re really unable to do it. Otherwise, you’re going to feel bad about not being able to accomplish your tasks.

Develop Self-Discipline

No matter what sort of planning you do, it won’t be enough if you don’t have the self-discipline to push things through.

Developing self-discipline is no joke, especially if you’re starting from scratch. You have a lot of work to cover. However, what you shouldn’t do on your path towards developing self-discipline is to pile tasks upon tasks on yourself.

What’ll end up happening is you’ll be overwhelmed and end up not doing anything at all. Thus, you should start small. Set up achievable goals then build up from there. Make sure that you commit to your schedule and have a mindset that will help you accomplish your goals for each workday.

Designate an Office

You’re going to have a hard time trying to focus if you’re working while you’re lying down on your bed. That’s because your brain already associates the bed as an area where you rest. Thus, it’s not ideal that you put your working area in your bedroom or sleeping area.

Dedicate a space in your home that will work as your office area. Even if you just section off a specific area in your room for work, it should work as long as you strictly dedicate that space for work and nothing else.

Declutter Your Desk

Having a cluttered desk is one of the things that distract employees, whether remote or in-office, the most. That’s why at Planet Maid Cleaning Services NYC, we always see to it that office space is uncluttered. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for our clients to focus on work.

For your part, you can end your workday by decluttering your workspace as you’re finishing things up.

Don’t put items that don’t have anything to do with your work on your desk so that you won’t be distracted. Not to mention that you’ll feel cluttered if there is too much stuff on your desk. So clean up before you start working!

Dress for Success

There are small things in your life that can change your perspective and how you perform. One such thing is how you dress.

Simply by wearing clothes that make you feel powerful, you’ll already feel powerful. Thus, if you want to feel professional, try not to dress in pajamas, no matter how comfortable they are.

You don’t have to go all formal at home, but looking good will make you feel good, and it can even make you work well as a result.

Take Breaks

Although social media posts would have you believe that you aren’t productive if you aren’t working 24/7, this is not advisable.

You’re only human, and you need to take breaks. That way, you can recharge and find your mojo and focus again. Every now and then, make sure that you step out of your designated workspace and walk around. That way, you’ll be able to come back to your work with a fresh mindset.

Contrary to the grind and hustle culture nowadays, you can still be productive and successful without sacrificing your well-being.

Avoid Distractions

During the hours that you’ve dedicated to working, make sure that you get rid of any distractions that you might have.

Inform any family members not to disturb you during this time. Move your phone to a different place and don’t play the television or anything of that sort.

Fully devote your time to your work so that you finish it earlier, and you get things done for the workday.

Go Outside

Since you’re working from home more often, you likely aren’t going to be out of the house during those times.

Make sure that you have a life outside of work and get your much needed Vitamin D as well. Perhaps you can incorporate some exercise routine that will get you outside, like jogging. You can even simply try meditating or yoga right out in your garden if you can.

Work With Purpose

Working with purpose and while being deliberate about it makes it easier for you to focus.

If you start your workday off with a dreary mindset, then it’s going to carry you through the rest of the day. Something that could have a negative impact on your productivity.

Set goals for yourself and see how well you do. Crossing off tasks you’ve finished on a list will satisfy you, so consider making a daily to-do list.

Be a Productive Remote Employee

If you plan on being a full-time remote employee, then you have to make an effort to work productively at home. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time reaping the benefits of being a remote employee, which is more control over the time that you have.

The tips listed above should help you improve your level of productivity and focus even if you’re not in an actual office.

Of course, you’ll need some form of discipline so that you are able to accomplish these tips with ease. However, once you do them, it will be much easier for you to work without being too distracted.


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