Working Mom Life

Working Mom Life

Working mom life can be tough.  Sick kids, work, taking care of everyone.  This week, my younger daughter, -Agent Weaselburger- was up throwing up Sunday night and Monday morning.  That was followed by her youngest Brother- El Chupacabra– waking up with a raging headache on Wednesday.  Christmas holidays are coming up, along with some of the requisite travel.  Add to that some doctors appointments, teacher gifts that need to be delivered, and an entire list of chores that need to be done, it’s tough.

Some days, I find myself wondering whether it’s worth it to be a working mom.  Is it worth running around like a madwoman trying to get everything done, and keep everyone happy- my boss, my spouse, my children, and my dad.  I can say that I don’t have a perfect answer, but for me it seems to work.  I’m coming to realize that I personally thrive on chaos, and seem to crave a certain level of noise to be my most productive.  Maybe that’s why I did so well with the Duke MBA?

I’m also realizing that not everyone around me craves that level of activity, noise, and chaos.  I’m pretty sure I drive some people in my life a little bit crazy, and watching me go, just makes some people tired.

So, what is the right answer?  Is there even a right answer?  What do you think?

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