Workplace Wellness Hacks for Every Woman

Workplace Wellness Hacks for Woman

At one point or another, you’ve probably felt stressed or overwhelmed at work. Whether it stems from a fear of being laid off or from the pressure to meet certain deadlines, it’s normal for many employees to feel anxiety in their existing career. Despite the commonality shared, these concerns are often swept under the rug because people are expected to put on a hard-working, career-driven front in most professional settings. Although these concerns have been recognized in both males and females, overcoming work-related stress can be especially difficult for women who already struggle to receive equal treatment in their profession. As a result, this can not only negatively impact their job satisfaction and work productivity, but also their psychological state. That’s why integrating wellness into the workplace is essential for your mental health and personal well-being. To get the ball rolling, try out these workplace wellness hacks!

Make Time for Yourself

Despite how busy your work schedule may be, you must be sure to make time for yourself each and every week. Giving yourself that window of time to perform self-care rituals is imperative for controlling your wellness at work as it gives you a chance to cope with career-related stress in ways that make you feel good. It doesn’t matter the length of time —15 minutes or 2 hours — this part of your day should be non-negotiable. 

Self-care can come in many different forms, so before you block out this time, make sure you choose something that’s meaningful to you and valuable to your health. Start by focusing on what area of your health you’d like to improve on and then determine what habits you’ll need to practice in order to do so. For example, if you’d like to enhance the complexion of your skin, you might dedicate this time to adequately develop your skin-care routine using unique and compatible skin-care products. Or, if you’re trying to lose weight, you might utilize this time to exercise at the gym or meet with a personal trainer. 

Stay Organized with To-Do Lists

A small, simple way to stay attuned with your career goals is to organize your tasks with a to-do list! Taking time to write down your priorities will allow you to concentrate on the tasks at hand and remain stress-free throughout the day. Plus, being able to check off your completed tasks when the day is over will bring you a sense of self-fulfillment and appreciation.

Constructing a to-do list may not be as straightforward as you think. It’s not just about jotting everything down on a piece of paper. An effective to-do list should be separated into sections. One way to design your to-do list may be organized in accordance with your daily or weekly objectives. To take it one step further, you can also comprise sections that are arranged by topics that aren’t as career-focused. This could include responsibilities like chores, groceries, or any additional appointments you may have. 

Meal Prep Weekly 

Getting into the habit of meal prepping on your Sunday afternoons is a great way to support your wellness at work for the rest of the week. Not only does it save you time and money, but batch-cooking staple foods like chicken, fish, rice, and veggies, can lead to a more well-balanced diet. In turn, this will help to keep you energized and on-the-go throughout the workweek.

The key to meal-prepping is to pick foods that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. However, it’s important to be mindful of the macronutrients in each recipe — that is, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. To support your wellness at work, be certain to measure out each of your ingredients. When you’re finished preparing the food, put together each plate for every day of the week and store it away using plastic baggies and tupperware.

Declutter & Personalize Your Workspace

When business documents go missing or files are out of sorts, you may feel flustered or unproductive by the end of the workday. That’s why creating a workspace atmosphere that’s both comfortable and neat is a critical component to your well-being and professional productivity. Personalizing your desk in a way that aligns with your personality and supports your career success can make it easier for you to relax at work and do your job efficiently.

Even though some people can operate in a messy setting, most of us cannot. If your workspace is surrounded in an area of other employees, it may become a distraction for them if it’s filled with clutter. Sure, it’s okay to incorporate a few knick-knacks here and there to spruce up your space, but try and remember to save yourself some space for the necessities: computers, notebooks, pens, paper, and any other materials you may need in order to function at work. Finally, come up with a systematic set up for your workspace so that you can optimize your workflow.

Work in Natural Lighting

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant with dim lighting and felt like you could use a nap after? That’s because lighting can affect the tone or mood of an area. In addition to decluttering and personalizing your workspace, you should also expose your workspace to natural lighting. Regardless if you’re set up is at work or at home, giving yourself ideal lighting will contribute to your level of motivation and activity. 

If you have the freedom to set up your workspace area anywhere you’d like, try to pick a spot that’s near a window to attain natural lighting. This will allow you to see things clearly and avoid eye strain. On the other hand, if you’re spot was chosen for you and it’s nowhere near a window, there are additional ways to acquire the perfect lighting. LED bulbs, for instance, are a practical alternative to natural lighting. Aside from the fact that it preserves energy compared to other fluorescent bulbs, LED lights have also been proven to positively impact your circadian rhythm, which can affect things like relaxation, stimulation, and sleeping patterns.


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