Writing Is The One School Subject I Use The Most

I find myself spending a significant percentage of each day writing things. I write dozens of emails each day.  I prepare slides for meetings, which involves writing.  And I find myself taking notes.  In short, Writing is the one school subject that I use the most.  I find it hard to describe how much writing I do each day, between all of the tasks I complete, and all of my interactions with colleagues.  I’m not even a technical writer, which is a profession that I would expect to use a lot of writing skills.  Instead, I’m in a technical field where I manage people, and I find myself constantly asking questions, trying to ascertain what needs to be done, and also conveying status.

If I write too much, it will not be read by people.  Or, as my husband says, TLDR.  Too long, didn’t read.   It is important to include enough information, and organize it in a readable format, but not to overwhelm the recipient with too much information.  It’s a really tough balance to achieve.  In fact, I’m frequently told that I don’t include enough information.  Then I swing back the other way, and I get the “too much information” comment.  So, I certainly haven’t yet managed to perfectly manage the skill.

I do find that I spend a great deal of my time writing, and documenting, and communicating.  It is a tough skill to master, and requires time.  Writing is certainly the one school subject that I use the most.


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