My friends who know me very well know that I own several businesses, not just the two I talk about here the most.  I actually also own a real-estate investment business as well as a couple of other, smaller businesses/holding companies in addition to Extension of You Home Care, and the Care Patrol of the Triangle Franchise.  The joke is that I’m starting yet another business, just because I can.  I also have gotten involved in several friend’s small businesses, whether I’m acting as an advisor, sounding board, or something more integral.  Business is a topic that really fascinates me.  It keeps me busy, and I can’t say that it keeps me out of trouble.  But it certainly keeps me entertained.  Launching a successful business is something that takes a lot of expertise, knowledge, and grit.  It also takes a few other things like cash, and patience, and persistence.  My business partner laughs when I tell her the crazy things I get myself into- and have fun doing.  In fact, she dared me to post on yet another business here- so here it is.

Once you get hooked with entrepreneurship, I think that it becomes mildly addictive.  I find digging through a friend’s advertising, web page, or other things to be very fascinating, and interesting.  I frequently invite myself along for the ride, and learn a lot, and give a lot to the process.  Because- it’s what I do.  I’d love to hear about your business ideas, and see what you’re up to.  If you need an advisor- I may be your girl.  Give me a holler, and we can talk about it.  I have some strong opinions, though.  Don’t be surprised by that!

Between two blogs, and several businesses, life is never dull!