You Are Your Own Best Advocate

You Are Your Own Best Advocate

People are not mind readers.  You must define your own success.  You are your own best advocate.  Thanks to my friend Wendy for reminding me of that fact as well.  No-one will argue on your behalf, or advocate for you as you yourself should be doing.  If you are assuming that people will simply notice what a great job you’re doing, then we need to have a serious conversation.  As women, we simply assume that if we do a great job, that it will be noticed.  While that is partially true, it is just as important to TELL people what a great job you’re doing, instead of expecting them to notice.

I’ve noticed that some things I do are taken for granted, unless I point them out.  Frequently they are things that take a great deal of effort and energy.  They may take a lot of creativity.  Unless I point out what was done, and what it took to get there, it is simply accepted as the status-quo.  One key, and very painful, example of this in my career was when I had been managing, recruiting, and dealing with the interns for a while.  Apparently, I made it look too easy, since the comment I got from one of the managers was “Anyone can manage Interns”.  I was managing 6 people at the time, and dealing with training, onboarding, recruiting, keeping the positions filled, and also achieving an 85% conversion rate (Conversion to full time).  I hadn’t been telling people about all of the work going into it.  My fault.  When I heard that, I felt like I had been slammed into the floor.  They had no idea, and no appreciation.  None.  That mistake has haunted me.  I’ve learned a lot from that, and learned to be my own best advocate.  It has been a long road, and I am still working on that skill.  I still need to advocate for myself more.  Take what I want, do what I need to do, and guide my own path better.

Please remember this one important fact- you are your own best advocate.  Please learn from my very expensive and costly mistake.

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  1. Crazy Chris says:

    There was a good one making the rounds on Facebook a while back – “If they can’t appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence.” While it is VERY true, I’d rather do the former. I’m hoping a fresh start will give me that chance.

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