Your Complete Guide For Saving On Your Office Electricity Bill


Electricity is considered to be one of the most invaluable inventions of all time. However, nothing comes for free, and electricity does not seem to be an exception to that either. Every electricity supply center has set a standard charge for every unit of electricity we use. 

This leaves us with an advantage since it is on us to decide how much electricity we use; therefore, we are the ones to decide the amount they get to charge us. 

To be precise, we can easily cut on our electricity charges if we monitor our usage and activities. This article will be talking about the different ways we can save on office electricity bills. 

1. Manage your HVAC system

Air conditioning is one of the essential electrical devices in workspaces, especially in large offices. Large offices host a large number of people, automatically turning the temperature inside the office a notch hotter. 

The same holds for air heaters in colder temperatures: an essential addition. 

However, there are some ways which can help us prevent bills that exceed our budget: 

  • Employees can plan their dresses accordingly

This might sound foolish at first, but this has proven to be effective in numerous cases nonetheless. In winters, employees can carry an extra coat or shawl with them. 

On the other hand, you could issue a statement saying that employees have the liberty of wearing informal clothing during summer. Formal clothes usually come in two; thus, informal ones seem to be a more suitable option for summer. 

Hence, even if you have to switch on the air conditioner or air heater, you could set it to an energy-efficient model. 

  • Check the building for any possible leaks 

Sometimes, the room does not heat or cool properly, even if you put it at the highest intensity. The main culprit for this is leaks or holes in the windows or doors. A wise step to take would be to protect the windows and doors with weather strips that ensure no leakages. 

  • Incorporate an energy management system

You can schedule the time for turning on the HVAC system or turning it off, and this machine will take that worry off your plate. Not only that but monitoring the HVAC activity can also help lower the electricity bills. Also, switching your energy provider to a new one with more affordable plans could potentially help you to cut your monthly electricity bills. You can also try a no deposit prepaid electricity plan, some of the plans have very affordable rates with no gimmicks. We especially recommend Payless Power, a trustworthy light company and pioneer in prepaid electricity plans.

2. Find ways to save on lighting 

According to a survey, it has been revealed that almost fifteen percent of the electric charges are due to the lights. Usually, most offices leave their lights on overnight for no particular reason. Can you imagine the amount of energy they would be able to save if they stop engaging in this practice? 

Let’s discuss a few other important ways that can come in handy while trying to save on lights. 

  • You can get rid of the curtains, blinds, or shades during daytime 

The desks situated right next to windows won’t need to use any light during the day if the curtains or blinds are removed. Therefore, the only lights used would be inside the room where the sunlight cannot offer many services. 

  • Turn the lights off where you don’t need  them

When one particular switch is turned off in most workspaces, it shuts off the lights for the entire row. This is the reason why the lights are kept on in places where it is not needed. If the office decides to settle for individual switches, it will be possible to turn off the lights where it is not in use. 

  • LED bulbs are a delightful solution

LED bulbs to need less energy to function and sustain as long as three times CFLs and twenty-five times incandescent bulbs. 

3. Office equipment can play a role as well 

An office requires a lot of equipment like copiers, computers, and other technical devices. Thus, it is not an option to discard some or stop using them. 

  • Unless urgent set a particular time for using copiers 

In the digital age, copiers are only needed on very few occasions. In any case, they are left on throughout, which lets them eat out the energy usage. Therefore, it will be practical to set a window for copying stuff unless it is extremely urgent. That way, the copier will need to be turned on just for that particular time. 

  • Put the computers on sleep mode 

Like the lights are kept on in places where they are not needed, the computers also stay on when they are not in use. A fine solution to this would be to put these PCs in sleep mode. If all the employees stick to this practice, then a good amount of energy can be conserved regularly. 

4. Kitchen equipment in the office can also be handled accordingly 

No matter how small or large the office is, each one of them comes with a functional kitchen. Some of the important equipment are refrigerators, microwaves, and coffee makers. 

  • Turn the switch on when you will be using them 

Apart from the refrigerator, this applies to all other devices. For example, if you are done heating something in the microwave, make sure you unplug it or switch it off afterward. 

  • Make sure that the refrigerator is placed correctly 

If a refrigerator is placed at a gap of 10 meters from the wall, it allows the heat to flow away naturally, which, in turn, can save a significant amount of energy. 

Prepaid electricity meters might be able to help 

Installing prepaid electricity meters comes with a tonne of benefits. It allows us to recharge beforehand and monitor the activities accordingly. 

That is to say; we can monitor which equipment is using how much electricity and regulate the usage accordingly. This gives us a window to understanding how much time we can send on which device to meet our goals.  

It would be brilliant to settle for devices or instruments that are engineered in an energy-efficient way. The initial investments indeed seem to be more than the rest, but that turns out to be a genuine blessing in the long run. 


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