Your Team Can Smell a Rat | LinkedIn.

Yes.  Your team can smell a rat.  When you do interviews, and get feedback, if they pick up on something, listen to them.

“Let’s call him Frank.

He seemed so sincere, so talented, so driven. When I met him on a business trip—my former CEO and I—I liked him right away. He was looking for work; we needed some help back at head office. Seemed like a great fit.

We flew him to our headquarters to interview with a few members of our senior staff, more of a formality really. The job was his. We were shocked when the team was lukewarm. Didn’t they need the help? One of his colleagues-to-be actually begged us not to hire the man. He’d dug into Frank’s qualifications during his interview and the professed skills got thinner and thinner; but more importantly there was something about Frank he just didn’t trust. His sensors were blinking red.”

Needless to say that Frank was a Rat.  Here’s some tips from the article:

  1. Do your homework
  2. Challenge them
  3. Ask Why