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 ~ by Haley Lynn Gray ~ 

I’ve been more than a little bit surprised by different behaviors of employees – tattling on each other, whining, and one that resulted in a screaming match. I guess you’d say that what I’ve seen is a serious lack of professional behavior. That’s perhaps not how to go about doing business successfully. I thought I’d include some tips here for professional behavior.

7 Tips for Professional Behavior

  1. When confronted with something you’ve done wrong, the first thing you do is apologize. That means simply saying, “I’m sorry.” Don’t add anything else to it. Just say, “I can see your point, and I’m sorry.” Don’t make excuses. Own it.
  2. Treat your colleagues kindly. In actions, tone of voice, and intent. Be kind whenever possible.
  3. Understand that tough decisions are not personal. Understand that very little of how a business acts is personal, even though it may feel that way.
  4. Keep the screaming inside your head. Don’t scream at your colleagues. If you must, leave, and take it with you.
  5. Keep your manager in the loop with what you’re doing. Managers like to know what you’re doing so they can do their jobs. They like to be consulted with and checked on. Managing your manager is an important skill.
  6. Behave ethically in all things. The question I have is this: What would your grandmother think if she heard about this?
  7. Avoid passing judgement on people. Even if you don’t agree with them, that doesn’t make you better. If you don’t get along, or wouldn’t make the same decision, that’s OK too. Just let it go. Stop judging.

In short, act like the employee you would like to have.  Be kind, generous, and let things roll off your back. Being unshakable is a good skill to have in the work environment, as people will constantly throw you curve balls.

What are your tips for professional behavior?  I can give you some ideas for what NOT to do.

Meet the Author: Haley Lynn Gray

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