The other night, I was at dinner with my two sons and husband.  My younger son told me that when he grows up, he is going to stay home with his children, and his wife is going to go to work.  Needless to say, I was completely intrigued.  So, I turned and looked at my other son, and asked him what he thought.  He said he isn’t sure, but he wants lots of kids.  He’d like to have as many as his wife will agree to having.  I think that changes are coming in the way that we think about roles in our homes, and it is good.

My husband is an amazing father and mate.  He is probably also a better parent than I am.  I think that you can probably tell a lot about our relationship that our sons are okay with the idea of being a stay at home parent.  Or in the Army.  Or whatever floats their boat.

One of my wishes for my children is that they can set their own goals and not be judged negatively by society around them.  We should encourage our boys and our girls to reach for the things that matter most to them.  To be passionate about life, and life it to the fullest.  To set their own goals, and define their own version of success.

Changes are coming in our children, and in our culture.  Let’s live and let live.  Let’s encourage people to be happy.