It seems that no matter where you go, or what stage you’re at in life, there are always people that are crazy.  I don’t mean crazy in a good way, but rather the bat-shit, stupid, revenge-seeking, blind kind. Whether it’s at work, with the colleague who is out to drive their knife into your back at the first opportunity, just because they can, or the team lead who has it in for you.  These people suck.  They especially suck when you’re in middle school.  This school year, I’ve heard so many stories from my daughter who is in seventh grade about the kid who was making death threats, to the kid who was trying to stir up a gang against her, and just last week swung his backpack into her face to make it look “accidental”, but admitted it wasn’t an accident.  These people suck your energy and time out of you.  They are a negative force, and are generally best avoided, and left alone.  Sometimes, that isn’t really an option though, so you have to deal with them.  Here are some things we’ve taught our daughter about dealing with crazy,  that apply to the rest of the world as well.

  • Watch your back around these people at all times, knowing that if they can, they WILL strike, at every opportunity.
  • Take and keep notes about what’s going on.  It’s much easier to deal with someone at work, if you can document that you did everything right.  It’s also much easier to deal with a school bully from an administrative perspective if you have notes on each incident, to create a trail of their actions.
  • Walk silently, and carry a really big stick.  If you have to hit back, hit really hard, and give no warning.  That doesn’t mean a physical hit, although in certain cases, protecting yourself physically might be necessary.  That means using legal means, or administrative means to deal with these people to make them leave you alone.  In the case of the death threats, turning in a written list of the things that had previously happened strengthened my daughter’s case, and meant that she had a lot more ammo when time came to deal with this thug.  Since we have documentation, the administration understands that we will pursue legal means if necessary.  It helps neutralize this kid’s influence over her life.
  • If someone is forbidden from contact, do not contact them.  You lose credibility by baiting them, and contacting them.  Avoid this at all costs.

In short, these crazies suck.  Dealing with crazy is a pain in the rear, but is an inevitable part of life.  The trick is making it through, and surviving.  Then getting the heck out of there, and not messing with them again unless absolutely necessary.  Avoid taking classes with them, sitting near them if you do, and avoiding the same projects.  In some cases, it may mean avoiding the same company, if they are powerful enough, and the company is small enough.  With a bit of perseverance, you can deal with crazy, and not get there yourself.  Just rise above the noise, and keep going.