Does Work-Life Balance Exist?

~by Briana Borten~

I believe that work-life balance does exist.

I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, but there has been a rising desire to speak out with this currently unpopular belief. Why is it unpopular? 

Well, I think that many people were chasing balance in an unbalanced way that felt constrictive and not heart-centered, and thus there was a backlash of thought leaders breaking out of that trap and stating that balance is a myth.

I get it. And I think that this was a necessary part of the story line for all of us.

And now I think its time for a paradigm shift. Even just holding faith that balance is possible, that it does exist, is a strong place to stand in the world.  When we hold a belief that something is real and true, we are able to see it manifest in the world around us and see avenues of creating that in our own lives.


Work-Life Balance

Balance isn’t a strict adherence to any specific pie chart convention of how we are supposed to be spending our time.

  • It’s about creating a life that feels good. This may mean that you have seasons of hustle and seasons of family, friend, fun time within the day, within a week, or within a year.   
  • It’s about checking in with your true desires and planning your life around them.
  • It’s about choosing consciously, instead of being swept up with huge amounts of trivial tasks that present themselves.
  • It’s about integrating all the parts into a cohesive experience.
  • It’s about being flexible and solid at the same time. Knowing that life will be ever-changing and challenging, and that the more we can move with it, the more we will feel unshakable.

Having a balanced life doesn’t mean that every second is perfect. I can honestly say I have life balance. For me. And my life balance won’t look like your life balance. And my life balance is sometimes messy and sometimes organized, and sometimes playful and sometimes serious, and sometimes tearful and sometimes exuberant, and sometimes productive and sometimes spacious. It’s all of these things, and it feels good.

One of the things that’s been vital for me to create this is to have a system that supports the whole. A way to dream from a connected place, break down goals and strategize, all while infusing my life with healthy habits. I’ve been refining this structure for years now and working with my husband, Dr. Peter Borten, to hone the practices for health and happiness to the ones that make the biggest difference. 


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Briana Borten

Briana Borten

Meet the Author: Briana Borten

Briana Borten is the owner of Dragontree Holistic Day Spa. As a wellness entrepreneur and peace engineer, she inspires people to live extraordinary, healthy lives and create what they want. In addition to formulating a product line that embodies the Dragontree’s principles and aesthetic, she also coaches others in the wellness field.


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