Saturday was one of the best days of my life.  It was the day I graduated from Duke with my MBA, or Master’s of Business Administration.  But as with everything in my life, there are always highs and lows.  The low that followed has been a tough week at work, and a tough week with my dad’s health.  No great day goes unpunished.  Today, my dad’s caregiver team advised a DNR order, or Do Not Resuscitate.  Needless to say, it is sobering, and heartbreaking.

A DNR order is being ordered because my dad has advanced dementia, and is essentially trapped in his body.  He’s mentally somewhat there, but physically, his body is not cooperating.  If he were to require resuscitation, he would be unlikely to have a good quality of life afterwards.  Of course, there is still a high likelihood that they would try to resuscitate him anyways, so that is a known risk.

Incredible highs and lows.  Euphoria, followed by devastation.  That is my life sometimes.  It’s part of being a member of the sandwich generation.  Caring for children, while working, and working on my career, and caring for my parent simultaneously.  It is a challenge to stay balanced in the face of this kind of roller coaster ride.