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~by Meghan Belnap~


Take steps to control the cost of your office space so you can maximize your profits and operate an efficient business. Regardless of whether you own or rent, you can use the following tips to make sure you spend as little as possible on overhead.

1. Split the Bill 4 Easy Money-Saving Solutions for Your Office Space 1

Office space can command a significant part of your budget, especially if you operate your business in a large metropolitan area. If you have enough room, find another startup in need of offices and invite them to share your space and the bill. You can boast of your efficiency while halving your office expense. If you can’t find someone to share your space, consider asking your property manager to subdivide your existing facility.

2. Save on Energy4 Easy Money-Saving Solutions for Your Office Space 2

Equip your office with energy-efficient lighting and appliances to save on utility costs. While slashing your expenses, you add to your green credentials by shrinking your carbon footprint. Don’t end your energy-saving efforts with the things you can easily see. Contact your air conditioning specialist to tune-up your heating and AC units. Starting with an energy assessment, they can replace worn parts and filters or even recommend the installation of an energy-efficient unit.

3. Work from Home

You’re already paying for your residence, so why not take a chunk of it and convert it into office space? You get an available tax deduction and minimal expenses. You can use local conference facility providers when you need to meet with clients to avoid the discomfort of meeting with them in your home. To keep costs even lower, you can conduct meetings and interviews in a coffee shop or library.

4. Save on Furniture4 Easy Money-Saving Solutions for Your Office Space 3

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on expensive office furniture. Minimize expenses by buying used tables, desks and chairs while creating some work areas with doors laid across sawhorses. The creative ways you find to build budget-minded furniture might surprise you. At the same time, you will communicate a reassuring message of functional austerity for your clients.


Control the skyrocketing cost of office space by taking practical measures to conserve energy and efficiently utilize the space you have. If necessary, set up your offices in your home and use area services to help you put forth an heir of professionalism. Doing so can slash your expenses so you can spend your money on growing your business and building a profitable future.

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