Stereotypes And Assumptions

LlamaIt is so very easy to stereotype people, and make assumptions about what they must be like,  based on appearances.  In fact, there are plenty of studies that show that people assume that men who are tall are great leaders and that they make more money than shorter men.

People assume that because someone is overweight, they must be lazy, and thus there is a corresponding wage decrease.

There are also plenty of assumptions made about women who work.  That they must not care as much about their children, or that they somehow need the money less than men who work.  People tend to assume that women who have children who work are somehow less committed to their jobs.  In fact, the opposite is likely to be true, since women who are working while they have children, have decided that they want to work, and need to work, and certainly wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Yet, there are lots of stereotypes, and assumptions made about people.  No matter how much HR hates it, those assumptions rule our brains, and we should be conscious of those biases and work to eliminate them.

Please don’t assume that someone who is fat is lazy.  It may be very far from the truth, that they are spending too much time at work, working, rather than spending that time on themselves.  I know that is certainly one of my own problems- focusing on myself is not my strength.  So, before you assume, and make an Ass out of both you and me, please stop and consider your thoughts.



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