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~by Maria Marc~

We live in a noisy world, where instant messages, social media and never ending emails are a constant distraction in the work place… and to our brain.

Studies show that multitasking is bad for our brain performance. Keeping the smart phone and email inboxes open while working can actually lower our IQ. The later we work into the night, the less clearly we are able to think.

Self-control is a limited resource. How can we keep focus in today’s noisy world? How can we deliver performance in today’s demanding work environment?

Here are few tips to remember (Rock, 2009):

  • Turn off all communication devices each and every time you need to do any kind of active thinking.
  • Being alert and interested sharpens our focus, yet too much information running through our minds can lead to draining stress. Take a peaceful walk or write down your thoughts to free up your mind.
  • When you hit a mental impasse, walk away from the problem so you can allow your unconscious mind to process it. Voice the problem out loud, stretch your legs, meditate, or simply allow your mind to wander.
  • Observe your own thinking patterns. Practice mindfulness to increase the power of those areas of your brain that handle mental control and attention switching.
  • Controlling your expectations is key to a general sense of happiness.
  • Studies have shown that people are less responsive to stress if they have fulfilling relationships.
  • Work at improving your own skills to give yourself a sense of increasing status.
  • Facilitate change in people by guiding them towards their own insights into a problem; it implies they are capable of good ideas that are worth exploring.

Our decisions are guided by our feelings and by the way people around us are acting. We notice only a limited amount of the things in front of us, and don’t know how to make conclusive judgment.

So, for an optimum brain, eliminate day-to-day distractions, find ways to have more options and independence in your life, and reflect on your reasoning.

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Maria Marc

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