Azawakh bitch

Azawakh bitch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You really do have to channel your inner bitch sometimes.  Not to be cruel, or unkind, or deliberately mean. You need to do it to avoid being walked on like a doormat.  I guess it’s part of being a woman- you are raised to always be a good girl, and be nice. Always be nice.

Except that it’s not always possible to be nice.  There are many situations out there where we have to stand up for ourselves and push back, even if we are perceived to be a bitch because of it.  It is not a bad thing.  It is not wrong to channel your inner bitch sometimes.  Sometimes, life really does call for pushing back hard to avoid being walked on.  To negotiate for ourselves.  To ask for what we need.  To DEMAND what we need.  To fail to do so, is to fail ourselves.

I know that I have occasionally given to the point of being a doormat.  You want me to do something?  Sure, I’ll do it. With a smile on my face.  “When would you like it by?”  But, wait a second.  Maybe that isn’t always the right answer.  Maybe it isn’t even the right answer most of the time.  Hmm… I really do have to work on this channeling my inner bitch thing.  Draw some lines in the sand, and stand firm.  Negotiate for what I really want.

How do you channel your inner bitch?  What lines do you draw in the sand?  What things have you negotiated for?  When have you pushed back?

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