I’m competitive, I’ll admit it, but I really do get tired of running like a crazy woman.  I sign up for things months out, and somehow they seem to manage to all bunch up at the worst possible time.  This week, I had to move my dad to a new facility, get him admitted to hospice, deal with legal paperwork for him, as well as other issues.  Then I have my 6 month appointment with the oncologist.  It has been 6 months since I had the melanoma on my neck removed, and my how time has flown.   I’m also working on some investments for my dad, and myself, and it has involved a crazy rotation of home inspections this week, along with pre-construction meetings, and more.  My oldest is working on her Girl Scout Gold Award, and is nearly done, at last.  Then there is the early morning breakfast at my younger daughter’s school, because she made the all ‘A’ Honor roll.  So, lots of ups and downs.  Plenty of sideways.

I also have to plan for a couple of upcoming trips.  That has meant pre-planning dad’s funeral, and giving very specific instructions to hospice, dad’s caregivers, and setting up backup plans for dad, and for healthcare Powers of Attorney.  Hopefully none of that will be needed, now that I’ve gone through and mapped out every contingency.

I’m trying to keep focused on what I’m doing at any given moment in time- note that trying to multitask doesn’t work, and I just get confused, and lost in what I’m doing.  I keep a calendar, and stick to it.  I also make sure to keep the to-do list going so that I know what needs to be done and when.  I also make a point of spending time to de-stress.  That means working out (only) twice this week, and making sure I’m getting all of my stretches in.

I really focusing on keeping my head from exploding. Really, my head must not explode.  I will not start speaking in tongues, or anything else.  Instead I’m focusing on smiling my way through it, and maybe eating a bit too much chocolate.  But chocolate is good for the health, and it’s certainly tasty on the taste buds.

And, this is not a competition.  Craziest woman does not win all.