It’s that time of year again when we take turns standing outside with our daughter selling Girl Scout Cookies.  We learn so many lessons while we’re out selling cookies, but one of the biggest is lessons in generosity.  My children are learning that many times, the people who have the least to give are the most generous.  It makes me wonder why?  But they teach us such a powerful lesson.

It’s a bit funny.  My girls will ask anyone who walks by if they want to buy Cookies.  But they’ve learned to stereotype a little bit. The woman walking by who’s all made-up, in high heels, make-up, and looking like a million bucks probably won’t buy anything.  But someone in jeans, or sweats, and a do-rag, likely will.  Furthermore, they’re likely buy just one box of cookies.  But they may leave a generous donation after their purchase.  That kid in a hoodie?  He just left you a $5 donation.  So generous.  So kind, and so caring.  It is humbling to see who is the most generous, and supports these girls.

Selling Girl Scout Cookies is one of the biggest lessons in generosity there is.  People donate so much to these girls, and will buy boxes of cookies to support them meeting their goals, and reaching their dreams.  They donate countless boxes of cookies to the soldiers.  It is amazing, and overwhelming.  People are very kind.  It is a great lesson for our children.  I am glad we are able to teach it to them.