Be More Productive and Energetic with this Simple Trick

~by Rafi Chowdhury~


Waking up early seems like a difficult task and something truly unpleasant for most people. However, there are great advantages to waking up early in the morning. Not only will you feel better about yourself when you start your day actively while others are still sleeping, you will also get more done and have more time for your friends, family and yourself as a result.

Best of all, waking up early is not as difficult as many consider it to be. You just need to follow the right strategy. The bio-hacking trick you will have a chance to learn below is a real working life hack which helps you reduce your sleep time, enjoy more free time and greater productivity, and reduce stress levels. The strategy allows you to start your day on the right foot by programming your biochemical functioning a certain way so that you keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

clock - productive - waking up earlyThe Strategy

The strategy is quite straightforward and does not require you to be a genius to understand and apply it. You will need some ingredients that you will have to take early in the morning right after your alarm rings. These include a cup of ice water, whey protein and caffeine. You can drink coffee to get the caffeine, but it is more convenient to use caffeine tablets as these do not require you to get on your feet and walk in order to prepare the cup of coffee. You can enjoy the pumping-up nature of caffeine without having to get out of bed. Now if you’re thinking that you could just have a coffee and that’s it, please know that you are not going to experience the same benefits as you would when you combine the caffeine with the other mentioned ingredients. Additionally, you can add L-theanine to the mixture. It is the active substance in green tea and works in a way similar to caffeine.

Starting Your Day

When the alarm wakes you up, it is the right time to drink the mixture of whey protein and cold water combined with a tablet of caffeine (200 mg should be sufficient) and L-theanine. Within the next few minutes, you should experience some biochemical changes in your body. The purpose of the cold water is to make your organs alert and spark up your energy levels. The protein can be used as an energy source and comes in handy, especially if you exercise a lot. For example, if you do a lot of weight lifting, you need increased amounts of protein. The purpose of the caffeine and L-theanine is quite obvious. It makes you more mentally alert, creative and productive.

What You Should Never Do

You should never try to reduce your sleep time significantly. It is true that some people, including Bill Gates and Donald Trump, only need a few hours of sleep and they can function equally well, if not better, than others. These people only sleep about 4 or 5 hours each night, which might be contributing to their success, as they have more time for work and much less of the unproductive sleep time. The average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep per day. The older you get, the less sleep you will need.

You should also avoid using products containing caffeine after you have taken your caffeine capsule in the morning. If you love drinking coffee, sorry to disappoint you, but if you keep drinking it, chances are you will become resistant to it and it will no longer work for you. In addition, avoid spending time in front of a computer screen and any type of exercise right before going to bed. Avoidance of electronic devices is important because they require a lot of your brain power. If you are to fall asleep with ease, you should do everything you can to help quiet the mind. Avoidance of exercise is also important because it allows your body to become calmer and decreases your pulse rate which facilitates the process of falling asleep.


You can add your own twist to the strategy described above. For example, you can take a cold shower right after you get out of bed, which has a similar effect to drinking cold water. You can also engage in some type of physical exercise to activate your neuromuscular system and make your energy levels rise. The bottom line is, this tactic is effective if you work it. If you stay persistent and keep at it, you will enjoy the benefits it brings to your life.

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Rafi ChowdhuryMeet the Author: Rafi Chowdhury

Rafi Chowdhury is the founder & CEO of Chowdhury’s Digital, co-founder of myCampusHacks, and is an experienced digital marketing consultant based in Los Angeles, California. In his free time, Rafi is an advisor to the British Young Asian Entrepreneurs.


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